Gaikshi case: silence from curfew, police, not banned for necessary goods and farming


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Gaikshi case: silence from curfew, police, not banned for necessary goods and farming
11:07 PM July 28, 2022

Curfew continued for the second day in Gandhibadi and Chidigandi, case on 123 people, net closed for the third day, police did flag march on Wednesday due to tension arising from the incident of Gokshi on July 11 in Chidigandhi The situation remained peaceful on Thursday after two villages Chidigandhi, Gandhibadi imposed. At the same time, the net captive continued for the third day in Bhadra area. ADG Crime A. in the afternoon Ponnuchami, Divisional Commissioner Neeraj's Pawan reached Bhadra and conducted a flag march with the police in the curfew area. Collector Nathmal Didel, SP Dr. Ajay Singh Rathore, Bhadra SDM Shakuntala Chaudhary, Nohar SDM Shweta Kochhar, ASP Suresh Jangid, Tehsildar Jai Kaushik, DSP Sunil Jhajhadia, Police Officer Ranveer Sai, Bhirani police station officer Omprakash Suthar, Gogamedi Police Officer Ajay Singh Adi was present. Collector Nathmal Didel appealed to the residents to cooperate in maintaining peace. Apart from medical and other essential services, other activities were completely stopped. If the situation is normal, something can be relaxed in curfew on Friday. SP Ajay Singh said that a total of 123 persons have been nominated for violating Section 144, giving hate speech at the picket site, making the video viral and making four cases against the society for making objectionable remarks and throwing stones against the police. Of these, 36 people are from Haryana, whose teams are raiding for their arrest. 65 people have been arrested in two days. At the same time, in the midst of all this, two reports of Bhaskar reached the village Chidigandi and village Gandhibadi and go to the situation. Live: Entry in the register of every car, people said-first time, there is silence in Karfugandibri and Chidiyagandhi village, there is silence in the village, police are on the throne. The streets, roads are deserted. Police vehicles are standing at the main bus stand. The entire Gandhi village is transformed into a cantonment. With the entry of the village's Sirsa bypass, there has been a blockade and temporary police post. The means going to Sirsa are being sent by other routes. At the time of admission, special means are being noted in the register of the car number and the driver and the citizen sitting in it. There is no restriction of any kind to carry people to the fields for bringing household goods and going to the fields for agricultural work. Villagers said that for the first time curfew has been imposed in the history of the village, due to which there is restlessness. We are closed in homes. Due to net closure, mobiles have also become a means of talking only. Everyone seems to ask when the net will start? At present, the atmosphere is absolutely peaceful. Bhagirath Dhaka of Gandhibadi says that the administration has taken correct steps. People of Haryana came here and rioted. Chhajuram Chimpa said that there is no problem in bringing milk, vegetables etc. in curfew, people have no restriction for agricultural work. Former sarpanch of the village Havasinh said that the atmosphere towards Goshala is peacefully. Jaikishan Beniwal said that the visitors of the village bus stand are being questioned. (Report of Vijay Nokhwal and Rafiq Mohammed from Bhadra) Tension arose from the incident of cow cutting, the case increased after the demonstration, on July 11, there was tension due to the incident of cow cutting on Eid towards a person of minority society. After this, the villagers blocked the road for 5 hours and performed anger. During this time, the video of the woman accused of Gokshi went viral, which increased the case. On this, the Collector-SP reached the spot and sent samples of meat and skins found on the spot from the Animal Hospital team for examination, whose report came positive. Since then, the people of both villages are staging. Copyright © 2022-23 DB corp ltd., All rights reservedthis website follows the DNPA Code of Ethics.

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