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FRP for Sugarcane: Government farmers will get double the cost of sugarcane, this is the rate of a quintal?

FRP for Sugarcane: Government farmers will get double the cost of sugarcane, this is the rate of a quintal?

August 4th 2022, 6:11 am
Amitesh Kumar

FRP for Sugarcane: The central government has given a big gift to farmers before releasing 12th installment. The Modi government has increased the price of sugarcane by 2.6 per cent to increase the income of farmers and now farmers will be paid more Rs 15 per quintal per quintal in the next Chinese session. This will make the income of sugarcane farmers almost double compared to their costs.

Highest Frp for Sugarcane Approved: Government took another big decision to increase farmers' income Is. Under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Union Cabinet (CCEA) on Economic Affairs (CCEA) has increased the proper and beneficial price (FRP) of sugarcane to Rs 305 per quintal. That is, now farmers will get double the cost of their cost.

Government made a big announcement

In the cabinet, the government has increased the FRP to increase the income of farmers. Actually, FRP is the price under which farmers cannot be paid. That is, according to this, now farmers will get a guarantee price of Rs 305 per quintal on sugarcane. This price has been implemented for the Chinese session 2022-23 (October-September). The Ministry of Consumer has informed that a premium of Rs 3.05 per quintal will also be given for an increase of 0.1 cm in recovery of more than 10.25 per cent in FRP, while FRP 3.05 will be reduced if the recovery decreases by 0.1 per cent. Not only this, it has been told by the government that no deduction will be made if the recovery rate is less than 9.5 percent in the case of sugar mills.

will get double the money!

Ministry said that in the Chinese session 202-23, sugar production is expected to cost Rs 162 per quintal, while farmers will be given Rs 305 per quintal, which is 88 percent more than their production cost. . That is, due to this, the farmers will start getting double the money. The price of sugarcane in the current Chinese session is Rs 290 per quintal. And now with the increase in FRP, the income of sugarcane farmers will be almost doubled.

FRP increased by 34 percent in eight years

How vigilant the central government is about increasing the income of farmers, it can be gauged from the fact that the Modi government has increased the guarantee price of sugarcane by 34 percent in the last eight years. And in the coming Chinese session, there is a possibility of purchase of about 3,600 lakh tonnes of sugarcane from the mills. In such a situation, about 1.20 lakh crore rupees will be paid to the farmers in the next session. That is, the income of farmers will increase once again.

Bumper benefits to farmers

The government has said that along with increasing the price of sugarcane, we are also making sure that farmers should be paid on time. Let us tell you that this decision of the government will directly benefit 5 crore farmers of the country. Also, 5 lakh workers working in sugar mills will also benefit from this.