From solid gold to digital gold, what are the options for investing in gold, know their benefits and disadvantages


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From solid gold to digital gold, what are the options for investing in gold, know their benefits and disadvantages
5:08 AM August 4, 2022

Aug 04, 2022 | 10:33 AM

The purchase of Indians apart from gold prices continues to be kept in gold, it is always customary to add gold in the name of tradition in Indian families. In view of prices fluctuations, market experts are now advising to invest slowly and with different options in gold. There are many ways to invest gold in India which can be used. Investment can usually be divided into three parts including solid gold, paper gold and digital gold. The way is, it consists of jewelery, gold coins and bars. Customers can keep solid gold with them and can use it and can gift it anytime as per their convenience or get it cache immediately. You have gold in this way, so common investors have great confidence in this method of investment. However, they are not as attractive according to the returns because the jeweler takes a making charge on them, which can be very high, along with this, there is a fear of stolen and lost. At the same time, questions also arise about the purity of gold. Along with this, it is not an easy process to cash it .. However, the loan can be raised through it. If you want a gold that is also an investment that you can use on special occasions as jewels or you can give it as a gift, then you can invest in solid gold. In this method, you can go straight and buy gold by giving full cash from the shop or you can buy jewelry at the end of the scheme by giving small amounts to the jeweler's gold saving scheme.

paper gold investment of gold investment. That is the way in which you get gold only on paper, and the return is decided on the basis of the price of gold. That is, you do not get gold, but all the benefits related to the investment of pure gold are available. It consists of Gold Exchange Traded Fund and Soveran Gold Bond. This is a better option for investment than solid gold. If you do not need jewelry in the house or you want to add gold for your children or you want to take advantage of the boom in gold, then you can use this method. In this method, you avoid making chajans and there is no tension for gold losing or theft. Through ETF, you can take advantage of changes in gold prices with a rapid pace, while with the help of Sovereign Gold Bond, you can take advantage of a certain interest with the increase in prices during the long period of gold. On the other hand, if you look at their loss, then you will not be able to use them like solid gold. At the same time, you have to keep money for a certain time in bonds.

Digital gold is a mixed option of solid gold and paper gold. Many online platforms and apps are offering the option of digital gold. Digital gold is right for those who want to invest in gold with small amounts like 100 rupees. And want to sell the purchase according to your own. In digital gold, you get the facility to buy and sell gold. At the same time, there is an option to get solid gold as coins or bars along with reaching a certain amount. At the same time, you can buy gold even with very small amount. However, in digital gold, the company imposes some of its charge, due to which the price of sales is 3 to 6 percent less than the purchase price at the same time. That is, paper is not better than the paper gold according to digital gold investment. On the other hand, if you change digital gold into solid gold, the company also charges you some fee here. There is a big risk in buying digital gold. Before purchasing, you have to see how much you can trust the platform you are buying.

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