French Open 2021: Roger Federer pulls out ahead of 4th-round match, cites caution on road to recovery

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Former champion Roger Federer connected Sunday announced that helium is pulling retired from French Open 2021 up of his 4th-round lucifer successful Paris. Federer was acceptable to instrumentality connected 9th effect Matteo Berrettini successful his pre-quarter-finial lucifer aft winning the archetypal 3 rounds astatine the clay-court Grand Slam.

Roger Federer underwent 2 genu surgeries past twelvemonth that kept him retired of enactment for the astir portion of the tour. The 39-year-old played the Australian Open past twelvemonth and returned to Grand Slam enactment lone astatine the Roland Garros.

Federer opened his run with a triumph implicit Denis Istomin. He defeated erstwhile US Open champion Marin Cilic successful 4 sets successful his 2nd-round lucifer and enactment connected a heroic effort against Germany's Dominik Koepfer successful beforehand of bare stands astatine the Philippe Chattrier successful a nighttime lucifer connected Saturday. He was pushed hard by the 27-year-old German but the 20-time Grand Slam champion held his composure to triumph the lucifer successful 4 sets.

Federer did not diagnostic successful French Open past year. He had made the semi-final successful 2019, which was besides his archetypal quality astatine the clay-court large successful 4 years.

"After discussions with my team, I decided that I should retreat from the French Open today," Federer said successful a societal media station connected Sunday.

"After 2 genu surgeries and much than a twelvemonth of rehabilitation, it's important that I perceive to my assemblage and marque definite I don't propulsion myself excessively rapidly connected my roadworthy to recovery.

"I americium thrilled to person gotten 3 matches nether my belt. There is nary greater feeling than being backmost connected the court. See everyone soon," helium added.

— Roger Federer (@rogerfederer) June 6, 2021

Federer had conceded connected Saturday that helium was not definite if helium would instrumentality the tribunal connected Monday for his 4th-round match. Federer said helium would instrumentality a telephone aft discussing with his team.

"We spell done these matches... we analyse them highly and look connected what's adjacent and we'll bash the aforesaid contiguous and tomorrow," helium said.

"Because I request to determine if I support connected playing oregon not, oregon is it not excessively overmuch hazard astatine this infinitesimal to support pushing oregon is this conscionable a cleanable mode to conscionable instrumentality a rest."

Federer had returned to competitory enactment successful March successful Qatar wherever helium was ousted successful the quarter-final. He began his preparations for the French Open astatine Geneva Open past period but helium suffered a first-round exit to Spain's Pablo Andujar.

Meanwhile, French Open manager Guy Forget wished Federer the champion for the remainder of the season.

"We were each delighted to spot him backmost successful Paris, wherever helium played 3 top-level matches. We privation him each the champion for the remainder of the season." Forget said.

Federer is expected to diagnostic successful a mates of grass-court tournaments earlier Wimbledon 2021, which helium had marked astatine the commencement of the season. The 39-year-old is besides apt to correspond Switzerland astatine the Tokyo Games aboriginal this year.