French Open 2021: Iga Swiatek mentally drained, hoping to relax and chill after title defence ends in quarters

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After a 'mentally draining campaign' astatine French Open, Iga Swiatek is hoping to chill and bask her crippled much successful the coming months portion shifting her absorption to the Tokyo Olympics, starting July 23.

Iga Swiatek's rubric defence astatine French Open came to an extremity successful the quarters (Reuters Photo)


  • Iga Swiatek's rubric defence astatine French Open came to an extremity successful the quarters
  • Swiatek was knocked retired by Maria Sakkari successful the quarter-final connected Wednesday
  • Swiatek said she is going to chill and absorption connected Olympics

Iga Swiatek is hoping to chill and unbend aft a mentally draining rubric defence astatine French Open that ended successful the quarter-final connected Wednesday. 20-year-old Swiatek was knocked retired by 8th effect Maria Sakkari successful consecutive sets successful the last-8 lucifer astatine Roland Garros.

Iga Swiatek caught the attraction of the globe by winning the French Open arsenic a teen past year. She did not driblet a acceptable during her title-winning run but was beaten by Sakkari aft being incapable to set to the strength of her hostile portion besides suffering a thigh problem.

"When I was connected court, I felt it wholly differently. As I said, I couldn't adjacent slumber good yesterday. I slept similar fewer hours," said Swiatek, seeded eighth astatine Roland Garros.

"I deliberation I was feeling everything doubly arsenic overmuch arsenic I should. It was hard to rationally conscionable spot what's going on."
Her adjacent large extremity volition beryllium the Olympics successful Tokyo, and she does not person galore hopes for the writer tribunal season, which culminates astatine Wimbledon from June 28-July 11.

"I don't cognize if I adjacent retrieve however to play connected grass, truthful we're going to spot however that's going to go. I'm not putting, like, immoderate expectations oregon immoderate unit connected myself due to the fact that I truly conscionable privation to larn however to play connected it," she said.

"For definite we're going to hole much for Olympics, and my adjacent highest is astir apt going to beryllium the Olympics."
Until Tokyo, Swiatek said she was not going to see tennis arsenic a occupation truthful that the unit does not measurement excessively overmuch connected her.

"I had a beauteous aggravated season. I played galore of the tournaments, much than successful my erstwhile seasons. I'm blessed with the results that I have, but besides I'm perpetually astatine work," Swiatek explained.

"For definite we're going to effort to chill down, chill retired a small bit, chill down, and besides find immoderate perspective. Basically erstwhile I adjacent my eyes, I lone spot tennis courts and balls, truthful it's beauteous tiring."

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