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Fortune Global 500 List: LIC overtook Reliance, this time 9 companies in India got a place

Fortune Global 500 List: LIC overtook Reliance, this time 9 companies in India got a place

August 4th 2022, 4:48 am
Amitesh Kumar

LIC's recently listed LIC's performance in the stock market has not been much special, but in the Fortune Global 500 list it has left all other Indian companies behind miles. Even India's largest listed company Reliance Industries has lagged far behind LIC.

LIC has got the first time in the Mixing Global 500 list of LIC. This time 9 companies in India have got a place in the list. Of these, 5 companies are government, while the remaining 4 companies are private. LIC is ranked 98 in this list, which is prepared on the basis of revenue. The company stood first in India with a $ 97.27 billion revenue and $ 553.8 million profit.

Reliance is ranked 104th, Mixing Global 500 List includes Reliance Industries on the second rank from India. Reliance Industries has been a part of this list continuously for the last 19 years. On a global basis, Reliance has been ranked 104th with $ 93.98 billion revenue and $ 8.15 billion net profit. Reliance Industries rankings have improved 51 places compared to last year.

Tata Motors and Tata Steel also got the place LIC and Reliance Industries, apart from LIC and Reliance Industries, Indian companies have managed to make it to this list, SBI has managed to make it to this list (SBI) is the only name from the banking sector. SBI has succeeded in getting the 236th rank by jumping 17 places. At the same time, two companies of Tata Group Tata Motors and Tata Steel have also got a place in the list. Tata Group's Tata Motors is ranked 370th. Similarly, Tata Steel has managed to get 435th position.

These government companies made space from India, Indian Oil, the government oil company is at 142nd, among the companies managed to make it to this list. The company's ranking has improved 28 places compared to a year ago. At the same time, another government company ONGC has managed to get the 190th rank by jumping 16 places.

BPCL of the public sector is ranked 295th. BPCL rankings have improved by 19 places as compared to last year.

At both tops of the top, there are 2 in the top-5 companies in American companies, while 3 companies in China are top-5 Has managed to make a place in. American retailer company Wallmart has topped the list for the 9th consecutive year. The second place is won by Jeff Bezos's company Amazon. This is the best rating of Amazon till date. have been found. China is ranked fifth in the Sinopec Group's Sinopec Group. Saudi Arabia's Aramco is ranked sixth in the list. Companies like Volkswagen, China State Construction Engineering, CVS Health have also joined the top 10. It has increased to 37.8 trillion dollars. This is the most spectacular growth in the sale of top 500 companies during any one year.