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For whom Charu Asopa took the decision of divorce

For whom Charu Asopa took the decision of divorce

July 8th 2022, 2:52 pm
Amitesh Kumar

There was talk of divorce between TV actress Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen in 2020 as well.

Charu Asopa Divorce: Charu Asopa, TV actress and sister-in-law of Sushmita Sen, is getting divorced from her husband Rajeev Sen. Both of them got married in 2019 but their relationship started deteriorating in 2020 itself. At that time also there was talk of divorce of both of them but then both of them took care of their relationship. In 2021, a daughter was born to the couple, whose name is Gianna. Now once again there is talk of getting divorced from both of them. (Photo: Charu Asopa Instagram)

On this issue, Charu Asopa has now told that for whom and how she is getting divorced from Rajiv Sen.

Charu said on his YouTube channel that whatever decision he has taken, he has taken it very carefully and consciously. She had to gather a lot of courage to take this decision, then she has reached this decision.

He said that I have taken this decision not for myself but for daughter Gianna so that Gianna has a good future.

This decision has not been taken in haste or even in any emotional state. I am well aware of the decision I have made.

Charu said that many people did not like my decision but such decisions have to be taken for their own good.

At present, Charu and Rajiv are living separately and daughter Gianna is living with Charu Asopa.