Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: YouTuber impresses boxing great in exhibition bout

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(By Syna Majumder) Pro boxing large Floyd Mayweather and YouTuber Logan Paul showcased their talents successful an eight-round agelong accumulation bout astatine the Hard Rock Stadium successful Miami, Florida. The packed arena was charged up by anterior fights earlier Mayweather and Paul were scheduled astatine 3.30 AM IST. Around 25 000 radical were successful attendance, watching Paul and Mayweather locomotion retired to hype tracks.

The combat was unorthodox - Paul has ne'er had nonrecreational boxing acquisition portion Mayweather is considered 1 of the greats -and they are some besides successful antithetic value categories. Paul is the heavier and taller of the two, with astir a 30-pound value advantage. However, Mayweather has astir 2 decades of boxing nether his belt. Due to this gaping difference, determination is simply a treatment connected however overmuch of a combat it was, with spectators and analysts claiming it was much of a drawback for wealth and attraction than a sincere attempt.

Mayweather, expected to get much assertive successful the aboriginal rounds, played safer, allowing the vlogger to effort to onshore hits for wide appeal. The boxer hardly broke a sweat each done the runtime of the match, portion Paul was visibly fatigued aft the archetypal unreserved of the archetypal 3 rounds. Most of Paul's punches didn't adjacent onshore connected his shorter, faster opponent, with Mayweather dancing astir the blonde and often connecting with assemblage shots.

Can’t wounded what you can’t deed #MayweatherPaul pic.twitter.com/YUVWXRGSSv

— SHOWTIME Boxing (@ShowtimeBoxing) June 7, 2021

Paul was praised for his quality to instrumentality a deed - astatine nary constituent successful the crippled did helium bleed, and seemed much endurable than idiosyncratic with nary anterior grounds of an accumulation lucifer could beryllium relied upon to be.

Paul is perfectly gassed aft 5 rounds, and acceptable to go. But he's fixed a respectable effort, particularly for idiosyncratic astatine his level (which is the crushed floor). #MayweatherPaul

— Douglass Fischer (@dougiefischer) June 7, 2021

The eighth circular ended to a chorus of boos arsenic Paul failed to deed the mat, adjacent with much than a fewer glaring openings for the different boxer to decorativeness him. The match, being an accumulation bout, had nary judges, but it was wholly agreed that Mayweather was the wide winner, his accomplishment shining done adjacent portion having gone casual connected Paul. The deficiency of a knockout was seen arsenic Mayweather's property showing through, the boxer himself saying that he's "not 21 anymore."

"It's an grant to grace the ringing with him. This is the coolest happening ever," said Paul, gratified by the motion and exhilarated astatine going the afloat region with his long-time hero. "He's amended than I thought helium was," Mayweather acknowledged. Answering probing questions astir the quality of the game, the icon cited his content successful "building generational wealth," and having "nothing to prove."