General Knowledge

First in Bihar

  • The first place of receipt of Neolithic remains in Bihar – Chirand (Chhapra)
  • The venue of the first, second, and third Buddhist councils – Rajagriha, Vaishali, and Pataliputra respectively
  • The venue of the first Jain council – Pataliputra
  • The builder of the Buddhist temple at Bodh Gaya – Samudragupta (Emperor of Magadha)
  • The first Muslim invader to attack Bihar – Mohammad bin Akhtiyar Khilji
  • The first Bihari to sit on the throne of Delhi – Sher Shah Suri
  • The first English traveler to visit Bihar – Ralph Fitch
  • First Sikh Guru to visit Bihar – Guru Nanak Dev
  • The person who led Bihar in the First War of Independence (1857) – Babu Kunwar Singh
  • The first laboratory of Mahatma Gandhi’s Satyagraha movement – Champaran
  • First Governor of Bihar – Jairam Dus Daulat Ram
  • First Bihari to become PresidentDr. Rajendra Prasad
  • First Chief Minister of Bihar – Dr. Shrikrishna Singh
  • First Harijan Chief Minister of Bihar – Bhola Paswan Shastri
  • First Muslim Chief Minister of Bihar – Abdul Ghafoor
  • First Woman Chief Minister of Bihar – Rabri Devi
  • Shortest tenure Chief Minister of Bihar – Satish Prasad Singh
  • First Independent Chief Minister of Bihar – Mahamaya Prasad Sinha
  • The Chief Minister of Bihar with the longest tenure – Dr. Shri Krishna Singh
  • First Education Minister of Bihar – Sir Ganesh Dutt Singh
  • First Speaker of Bihar Legislative Assembly – Ram Dayalu Singh
  • First Chairman of Bihar Legislative Council – Rajiv Ranjan Prasad Singh
  • First woman Speaker of Bihar Legislative Council – Rajeshwari Devi
  • The first chairperson of the Bihar State Women’s Commission – Manju Prakash
  • First Chairperson of Bihar State Commission for Protection of Child Rights – Smt. Nisha Jha
  • First Chief Justice of Patna High Court – Sir Edward Chamiyar
  • First Indian Chief Justice of Patna High Court – Sir Syed Fazal Ali
  • First Chief Justice of Patna High Court after independence – Sir Clifford Manmohan Agrawal
  • First Woman Chief Justice of Patna High Court – Justice Ms. Rekha Manhar Lal Doshit (June 2010)

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