Fact Check: Can homeopathy medicine Aspidosperma Q20 be taken as oxygen substitute? Here's all you need to know

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Aspidosperma Q20

The Ministry of Ayush connected Friday took to Twitter and issued a connection connected the societal media station doing rounds connected the usage of homeopathic medicine Aspidosperma Q20 arsenic oxygen substitute by COVID-19 patients. 

New Delhi: Amid an acute shortage of oxygen crossed the country, societal media posts of homoeopathic medicine which increases your oxygen level person been doing the rounds. The post, which has been wide shared connected each platforms of societal media, claims that homoeopathy medicine Aspidosperma Q 20 tin beryllium taken arsenic a substitute erstwhile oxygen levels fall.

The station written successful Hindi says, "If the oxygen level is falling, past don't hold for oxygen to beryllium found. By giving ASPIDOSPERMA Q 20 drops successful a cupful of water, the oxygen level volition beryllium maintained immediately, which volition ever stay balanced. This is homoeopathic medicine. Don't discarded your clip searching for oxygen. Share it faster due to the fact that you ne'er cognize someone's beingness volition beryllium saved."

Rubbishing the report, the Ministry of Ayush took to Twitter and claimed that societal media posts making specified claims are perfectly false. The Ministry stated that it prohibits advertisements from unverified sources claiming to dainty COVID-19 infection. In different tweet, the ministry warned radical not to self-medicate successful captious conditions portion iterating that "a lawsuit requiring oxygen rehabilitation oregon medicinal enactment is solely babelike upon the discretion of the treating physician."

"Fake station circulating connected societal media claims that Homeopathy medicine Aspidosperma Q 20 tin beryllium taken arsenic a substitute for oxygen erstwhile oxygen levels fall. #AyushFactCheck: Ministry of Ayush prohibits advertisements with claims for attraction of #Covid19 from #unverified sources," the Ministry tweeted. 

Know each astir Aspidosperma Q20

Aspidosperma Q20 is simply a homoeopathy remedy that is utilized to dainty wellness issues associated with the respiratory system. The medicine is beneficial for those who endure from Asthama and influenza. The usage of Aspidosperma Q20 helps successful breathing by relieving congestion successful the thorax and prevents predominant coughing. However, this remedy is not a substitute for aesculapian oxygen which is required by those infected with the coronavirus. 

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