Facebook will let all employees who can work remotely to request to work from home full-time

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Mark Zuckerberg, Chairman of Facebook, speaks connected the 2nd time of the 56th Munich Security Conference. The combat against propaganda campaigns and different attempts astatine manipulation costs Facebook billions each year.

Tobias Hase | representation confederation | Getty Images

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg connected Wednesday announced that the institution volition let each full-time employees whose jobs tin beryllium done remotely to petition full-time distant work.

This is simply a alteration from plans Facebook announced successful May 2020 erstwhile the institution said it would let definite employees, notably the astir elder and experienced employees, to petition imperishable distant work. Zuckerberg made the announcement successful a memo to employees laying retired the company's plans for a hybrid bureau and distant setup.

"We've learned implicit the past twelvemonth that bully enactment tin get done anywhere, and I'm adjacent much optimistic that distant enactment astatine standard is possible, peculiarly arsenic distant video beingness and virtual world proceed to improve," Zuckerberg wrote.

Additionally, Zuckerberg said Facebook volition statesman allowing employees to petition distant enactment crossed planetary borders. After June 15, the institution volition let employees successful the U.S. to petition distant enactment successful Canada and those successful Europe to petition distant enactment successful the U.K., a Facebook spokeswoman said successful a statement. In January 2022, the institution volition let employees to permanently determination betwixt 7 countries successful Europe.

Zuckerberg said employees who privation to enactment successful an bureau volition beryllium asked to travel into the bureau astatine slightest fractional of the time. This is to guarantee that the bureau remains vibrant and truthful that employees who bash travel into the bureau marque the astir of being a portion of that community.

Additionally, helium said Facebook plans to signifier regular in-person gathers for bureau and distant workers "to enactment the relationship-building."