Executives call on Biden to slash greenhouse gas emissions to curb climate change

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U.S. President Joe Biden joins a CEO Summit connected Semiconductor and Supply Chain Resilience via video league from the Roosevelt Room astatine the White House connected April 12, 2021 successful Washington, DC.

Amr Alfiky | Getty Images

More than 300 businesses and investors person called connected President Joe Biden to astir treble U.S. targets to trim planet-warming emissions beneath 2005 levels by 2030.

In a letter published connected Tuesday, firm leaders from companies similar Google, Apple, Walmart and Unilever praised the Biden medication for re-joining the planetary Paris clime accord and aggressively addressing climate change.

The propulsion by executives of immoderate of the country's largest companies to acceptable a extremity to slash emissions of c dioxide, methane and different gases by astatine slightest 50% — a people successful enactment with what biology groups privation — comes up of the global leaders' clime summit the medication is hosting April 22.

The Biden medication plans to unveil a stricter emissions people for the Paris accord connected oregon earlier the acme of satellite leaders. The Obama medication acceptable retired to chopped emissions up to 28% beneath 2005 levels by 2025, but erstwhile President Donald Trump halted national efforts to conscionable that people and pulled the U.S. from the Paris accord.

The companies that signed the missive comprise much than $3 trillion successful yearly gross and much than $1 trillion successful assets. The missive indicates a displacement by the backstage assemblage to code their ain clime alteration interaction and amended align with the goals of the Biden administration, which has vowed to enactment the state connected a way to net-zero c emissions by 2050.

Biden's clime ambitions, including a sweeping infrastructure bundle that invests heavy successful cleanable vigor technologies, would beryllium paid for mostly by raising firm taxation rates, a determination that could trigger objections from immoderate of the precise corporations who signed the letter.

The president has besides promised to follow caller regulations for fossil substance producers, automobiles and utilities.

"Many of america person acceptable oregon are mounting emissions simplification goals successful enactment with clime subject since the constitution of the Paris agreement," firm leaders wrote successful the letter. "The backstage assemblage has purchased renewable vigor astatine grounds rates and on with countless cities crossed the country, galore person committed themselves to a nett zero-emissions future."

Nearly each state successful the satellite is portion of the Paris agreement, a landmark nonbinding accord among astir 200 nations to trim their planet-warming emissions. The U.S. is the world's second-largest emitter of greenhouse gases.