Exclusive: Watch Movies-TV shows without internet, mobile data will not be needed


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Exclusive: Watch Movies-TV shows without internet, mobile data will not be needed
10:55 AM August 9, 2022

Aug 09, 2022 | 4:21 PM

Digital India are two such words with which Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Modi) has always promoted, but in rural areas, Internet connectivity has been a hindrance among this dream of Digital India. We are all very well aware that expensive recharge plans have broken people's back, in such a situation, rural areas are being left behind. But the Modi government is working to provide free internet facility in the village where the Internet is not present yet and that is why now the people of the village are also on OTT app like urban people without spending a single rupee You are able to enjoy TV shows and movies.

You must have known that the Government of India has opened a Common Service Center (CSC) in every village but now gradually CSC Center Together with sugarboxes are using hyperlochol edge cloud technology. Initially, this service is available in rural areas of Uttarakhand, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh i.e. UP and Maharashtra. Dr. Dinesh Tyagin, Managing Director of CSC E-Governance Services India Limited, said that this partnership of CSC and Sugarbox will also prove to be a very important step in providing facilities of the state and central government to rural areas. The Sugarbox Company is providing devices equipped with a special local edge cloud technique to the CSS center in every village, absolutely free

CSS center in every village. The specialty of this device is that its range is up to 100 meters and in this range, whether any person is internet or not, connecting your phone to this device and enjoying shows and movies on OTT platforms like G5 for free. You will be able to.

but only you will be able to enjoy the same content which will be free, G5 will not get the benefit of premium content. Here, let us tell you one thing that it is important to look at whether to shop for free or watch movies and shows, you will come to the range of Sugarbox device and spend a little mobile data before connecting the phone, just to the Sugarbox app Have to download, this app will be downloaded in your phone at very low data expenses. The best thing is that this app does not consume too much storage in the phone.

Just what is the Sugarbox app then if you are inside the 100 meter range of this sugarbox, then without internet Along with doing shopping through this app as well as watching movies-shees, you can download a movie or show of your choice if you want. The advantage of this will be that even if you are outside the 100 meter range, you will be able to watch the downloaded movies easily.

Sugarbox app will connect in the app and more more

you guys For the information of, let us know that in the coming time, not only movies or shows in this app, the company is planning to add gaming and social media platforms Facebook etc. through this app. The government is working closely with the sugarbox towards empowering every village medically, so that the people of the village will get the facility of the doctor at home only through this app.

the co-founder of the sugar network Regarding the upcoming services of Rohit Panrajpe, it is also said that soon there is a plan to bring news services in the app so that people living in rural areas are also updated with the latest news. This is a task

whether you have Android smartphone or Apple iPhone (iOS), the Sugarbox app is available on the Google Play Store and App Store respectively for both the iPhone (iOS) operating system. To download the app, just internet will be needed and then turn off your phone data after coming to the range of sugarbox.

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