Exclusive: Detective Boomrah will soon be on a leading OTT platform, reveals storyteller turned Chaipatti director Sudhanshu Rai

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New Delhi: One of the astir noted and celebrated storytellers, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, Sudhanshu Rai precocious ventured into filmmaking with the abbreviated movie 'Chaipatti'. Talking astir his gradual determination to the cinema, aboriginal projects and exploring OTT level - the maestro storyteller successful an exclusive interrogation with Zee News Online opened up connected tons more:

Q. Was the determination to crook into absorption a gradual measurement aft turning author?

A. I person ever been a writer and a storyteller. Though I took it up formally lone a mates of years back, stories person had a monolithic interaction connected my beingness since childhood. Venturing into accumulation and absorption is decidedly a earthy progression, but it did not hap retired of chance. The program to instrumentality the banner of Kahanikaar Sudhanshu Rai into accumulation has ever been a portion of our bucket list. My directorial and acting debut Chaipatti tin beryllium termed arsenic the archetypal measurement successful that direction.

Q. How was the acquisition of making Chaipatti?

A. It was nary abbreviated of being incredible, but astatine the aforesaid time, it was a large learning experience. While I bash not shy distant from being a movie buff, Chaipatti got maine much acquainted with the nuances of acting, absorption and production. It taught maine a large woody astir the processes arsenic good arsenic the challenges progressive successful filmmaking. I americium gladsome that I had Puneet Sharma arsenic a co-writer arsenic helium added large worth to the communicative and undoubtedly we are keen to support the travel going. My beloved person Anant Rai, who is the originative shaper of Chaipatti, besides helped maine present the conception arsenic per my imagination.

Q. Were you comfy moving with the co-actors? Any acquisition to share

A. It was a precise comfy acquisition moving with each my co-stars - Abhishek Sonpaliya, Shobhit Sujay and Priyanka Sarkar. All actors person done justness to their characters and that is precisely what I expected from them arsenic the manager of the abbreviated film. The full acquisition of shooting and post-production was rigorous but we had our stock of amusive during the making of Chaipatti. I would besides similar to adhd that we learned a batch from each different arsenic actors.

Q. Are you readying to marque a full-length diagnostic movie successful future?

A. As mentioned earlier, Chaipatti is the archetypal stepping chromatic toward bigger projects. Not conscionable a full-length diagnostic movie but we besides person a program successful spot for a detective bid featuring my quality Detective Boomrah connected 1 of the starring OTT platforms. The bid is chiefly driven by the accordant request of my listeners to spot Detective Boomrah connected screen.

Q. What are your adjacent projects?

A. The adjacent aboriginal projects of Saints Art and Kahanikaar Sudhanshu Rai see much abbreviated films and arsenic mentioned, a bid featuring Detective Boomrah. Very soon you volition besides spot 1 of my stories, Sylvester Cottage, connected the screen. While it won’t beryllium a full-length diagnostic film, but it volition beryllium longer than Chaipatti and whitethorn span up to 30 minutes. Chaipatti, which is an instant deed connected YouTube, has meantime garnered affirmative feedback and a batch of appreciations, with galore viewers demanding a sequel. We are reasoning successful that absorption arsenic well.

Also, I program to proceed engaging with my listeners done my audio stories connected YouTube and Facebook.

Q. You are a beingness coach, truthful did it assistance during the strenuous process of filmmaking?

A. You are precise close successful saying filmmaking is simply a strenuous process. However, it becomes comparatively easier and enjoyable erstwhile you are dedicated to the craft. Being a beingness manager played besides played an instrumental relation successful the seamless making of the abbreviated film. I succeeded successful keeping the situation airy and afloat of amusive during the process of filming not conscionable for myself, but for the full crew.