Even MI struggled a bit in Chennai: Coach Fleming confident CSK will find a way to adapt to Mumbai conditions

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Chennai Super Kings caput manager Stephen Fleming connected Saturday conceded that the 3-time champions person a squad that was picked to win successful Chennai but stressed they person to beryllium tactically amended to accommodate to the conditions successful Mumbai sooner than later.

In their IPL 2021 play opener, Chennai Super Kings were handed a 7-wicket decision by Delhi Capitals aft they failed to support an above-par full of 188. Prithvi Shaw (72) and Shikhar Dhawan (85) stitched a 138-run opening basal arsenic Delhi gunned down the people successful conscionable 18.4 overs.

With spinners Ravindra Jadeja and Moeen Ali struggling to beryllium effectual astatine the Wankhede Stadium, which is cognize for late-evening dew and tiny bound size, CSK were near clueless successful hunt of wickets connected Saturday.

Barring Dwayne Bravo, nary of the different CSK bowlers looked similar picking up a wicket arsenic they conceded astatine implicit 7 runs per over. Dhawan and Shaw took the attack to Chennai bowlers, hitting a 138-run opening basal successful conscionable 13.3 overs. In the lack of Lungi Ngidi, who is improbable to beryllium disposable for their 2nd crippled excessively owed to quarantine protocols, CSK struggled for an aboriginal wicket and fto the crippled gaffe distant from them.

Pointing retired that Mumbai Indians struggled to accommodate to Chennai conditions successful the IPL 2021 play opener against Royal Challengers Bangalore connected Friday, Fleming said teams are going to find ways to accommodate to neutral conditions if they are to person a accordant tally successful the IPL.

CSK play their archetypal 5 matches successful Mumbai earlier heading to Delhi for the adjacent acceptable of matches successful IPL 2021.
"We volition larn a batch from being present for different 4 games. But don't underestimate however overmuch it takes to alteration the doctrine of a side. We are precise overmuch a Chennai-based side," Fleming told the property connected Saturday.

"We saw Mumbai conflict to a grade successful Chennai the different night. They person got a situation connected however to alteration their tactics successful Chennai and our tactics person to beryllium a small spot amended with the shot successful Mumbai. So, it's 1 of the quirks of this contention successful this Covid-19 property and we conscionable person to find a way.

"It's going to beryllium high-scoring games successful Mumbai and flip mightiness play a important role," helium added.

Suresh Raina's signifier a immense affirmative for CSK: Fleming

Meanwhile, CSK caput manager Fleming besides heaped affluent praise connected Suresh Raina, saying his instrumentality to signifier connected his IPL instrumentality is simply a immense positive for the 3-time champions. Raina did not play IPL 2020 with CSK but helium was retained for the ongoing season.

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Despite having precise constricted competitory experience, Raina roared to signifier arsenic aboriginal arsenic their archetypal lucifer of IPL 2021, hitting a 36-ball 54 that yet ended successful vain connected Saturday.

"It's truly good, considering the cricket and wherever helium has travel from. It was an outstanding innings. We enactment Moeen Ali up arsenic an aggressor and besides utilized Suresh's assertive relation to get to play immoderate cricket and find immoderate form. But aft playing 2-3 shots, helium truly got going.

"It's a truly affirmative motion for us. I liked the mode we turned it connected aft losing wickets erstwhile the wicket was tacky. We conscionable weren't capable to make chances with the ball, which is truly disappointing," Fleming said.

Chennai Super Kings volition beryllium looking to bounce backmost erstwhile they play their 2nd lucifer of IPL 2021 aft a 5-day interruption -- against Punjab Kings successful Mumbai connected Friday.