European Tesla rival Northvolt raises $2.75 billion from Goldman, VW and others

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Northvolt's artillery mill successful the northbound of Sweden successful June.


Northvolt, a Swedish artillery maker, has raised $2.75 cardinal from a big of large names to assistance substance its planetary enlargement and summation production.

The Stockholm-headquartered institution makes the lithium-ion batteries that are utilized to powerfulness electrical cars and it says it has signed deals worthy $27 cardinal with the likes of BMW and VW. It is aiming to nutrient "the world's greenest batteries" by drafting connected renewable vigor sources and recycled earthy materials.

The latest backing round, Northvolt's largest yet, was co-led by Goldman Sachs and VW alongside caller investors including Swedish pension funds AP1, AP2, AP3, AP4 and Canadian pension supplier OMERS. Previous investors specified arsenic Spotify CEO Daniel Ek and concern absorption steadfast Baillie Gifford are besides investing successful the round.

Total concern successful the institution present stands astatine $6.5 billion. The latest circular of backing values Northvolt astatine $11.75 billion, according to a idiosyncratic acquainted with the institution who asked to stay anonymous arsenic Northvolt has not publically disclosed the figure.

Founded successful 2016, Northvolt said it volition usage the backing to grow capableness astatine its mill successful the acold northbound of Sweden from 40 gigawatt-hours to 60 gigawatt-hours, which is capable to proviso batteries for astir 1 cardinal electrical vehicles. Production is expected to commencement astatine the mill aboriginal this year.

Peter Carlsson, co-founder and CEO of Northvolt, told CNBC successful an interrogation connected Wednesday that the institution is doing "fairly important shipments" from a smaller installation that has been successful cognition for implicit a twelvemonth to customers who are present doing their ain "validations."

While nary of the company's batteries are successful electrical vehicles that are connected the roadworthy today, they're being utilized connected trial tracks, Carlsson said, adding that helium expects Northvolt's batteries to beryllium delivered successful vehicles from 2023 and successful vigor retention applications from the extremity of adjacent year.

VW, which made a $14 cardinal order with Northvolt earlier this year, said Wednesday it has invested 500 cardinal euros ($609 million) of the $2.75 cardinal and that its 20% involvement successful the institution remains unchanged.

"With this investment, we are strengthening our strategical concern with Northvolt arsenic a supplier of sustainable artillery cells which are produced utilizing renewable vigor and are comprehensively recyclable," said Arno Antlitz, VW's radical committee subordinate for concern and IT, successful a statement.

Northvolt's batteries are built connected a "different chemistry" to Tesla's and the show is becoming progressively similar, said Carlsson, who was Tesla's vice president of proviso concatenation successful Palo Alto betwixt 2011 and 2015.

Making the batteries successful a sustainable mode is 1 of Northvolt's biggest challenges, helium added. If the satellite transitions to electrical vehicles with batteries from coal-based economies similar China past it would make a caller c footprint the size of Spain, Carlsson said. "If we bash it based connected renewable vigor … we tin forestall this from happening," helium said.

The company's main works is successful Sweden and it is considering gathering a 2nd successful Germany if it tin find capable renewable vigor sources.

By 2030, it wants to execute 150 gigawatt hours of deployed yearly accumulation capableness successful Europe.