European football split: Elite clubs threaten breakaway Super League, UEFA expresses opposition

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European football's governing assemblage UEFA connected Sunday said it volition see each measures to reason the plans for a breakaway European Super League. UEFA said it volition not shy distant from going to courts to reason the plans to rival the Champions League.

The connection comes aft respective elite European shot clubs are again threatening to locomotion distant from the Champions League to acceptable up a breakaway league. European football's governing assemblage is alert that clubs including Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester United are among those renewing a propulsion to motorboat a Super League, a idiosyncratic with cognition of the concern told The Associated Press connected Sunday.

The determination from elite European clubs comes astatine a clip erstwhile the UEFA is connected the verge of expanding the Champions League from 32 to 36 teams with a caller format from 2024.

Will see each measures to forestall this: UEFA

In a associated connection with English, Spanish and Italian shot leagues and federations, UEFA said it had learnt that clubs from those countries "may beryllium readying to denote their instauration of a closed, alleged Super League".

"If this were to happen, we privation to reiterate that we....(and) besides FIFA and each our subordinate associations - volition stay agreed successful our efforts to halt this cynical project, a task that is founded connected the self-interest of a fewer clubs astatine a clip erstwhile nine needs solidarity much than ever," UEFA said.

"We volition see each measures disposable to us, astatine each levels, some judicial and sporting successful bid to forestall this happening. Football is based connected unfastened competitions and sporting merit; it cannot beryllium immoderate different way," the connection added.

Why Super League and who are going to beryllium portion of it

Juventus is said to beryllium 1 of the teams progressive successful the Super League on with AC Milan, United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. French champion Paris Saint-Germain has not signed up to the Super League

The Premier League wrote to clubs connected Sunday saying its rules forestall clubs joining competitions without its support and urging them to region themselves from immoderate Super League.

Serie A connected Sunday held an exigency committee gathering to sermon the menace of a Super League. Juventus issued a "no comment" reply erstwhile contacted connected Sunday by the AP astir the Super League plans that archetypal emerged successful January.

The instauration of a 20-team yearly contention would see 15 apical clubs arsenic imperishable members. The 5 different teams would alteration each season, though the qualification method has not been determined.

Each of the 15 founding members would get a stock of astatine slightest 3.5 cardinal euros ($4.2 billion) successful archetypal infrastructure grants. The wealth would beryllium divided among 4 tiers of clubs, with the apical six each getting 350 cardinal euros ($420 million).

The contention would statesman with 2 groups of 10 teams, with the apical 4 from each radical advancing to the quarterfinals. That would warrant each squad 18 yearly Super League matches, compared to a minimum of 10 games successful the planned new-look Champions League radical stage.

This latest Super League connection hopes to make 4 cardinal euros ($4.86 billion) annually from broadcasters. In comparison, UEFA astir precocious reported making a combined 3.25 cardinal euros from selling the rights to the Champions League, Europa League and UEFA Super Cup.

The 15 founding clubs of the caller contention would instrumentality the top portion of the broadcasting revenue.