'Enough is enough', says relative of elderly Sikh woman killed in US mass shooting

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The grieving families of the Indian-Americans moving astatine a FedEx installation successful the US authorities of Indiana expressed their anger, fearfulness and anxiousness arsenic they received the quality of a mass shooting that killed 8 people, including 4 Sikhs.

Brandon Scott Hole, 19, and a erstwhile worker astatine the installation successful Indianapolis carried retired the wide shooting connected precocious Thursday earlier allegedly committing suicide.

About 90 per cent of the workers astatine this transportation work installation are said to beryllium Indian-Americans, mostly from the Sikh community.

Late Friday night, the Marion County Coroner's Office and Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) released the names of the victims: Amarjeet Johal (66), Jasvinder Kaur (64), Amarjit Skhon (48) and Jaswinder Singh (68). The archetypal 3 deceased are women.

“Enough is capable our assemblage has been done capable trauma.” Komal Chohan, expansive girl of 1 of the deceased- Amarjeet Johal- was quoted arsenic saying by the New York Post.

“I americium heartbroken to corroborate that my naniji (maternal grandmother), Amarjeet Kaur Johal, is among those killed successful the senseless shooting astatine the FedEx installation successful Indianapolis,” Chohan said.

She said that respective of her household members enactment astatine the peculiar installation and are traumatised.

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"My nani, my family, and our families should not consciousness unsafe astatine work, astatine their spot of worship, oregon anywhere,” Chohan continued.

For Kamal Jawandha, it was a occurrence that some of his parents, who worked astatine the installation and were contiguous determination astatine the clip of shooting, escaped unhurt.

Jawandha said that his begetter had brought his parent nutrient and was getting acceptable to spell wrong erstwhile the shooting started. His parent hid successful the bath erstwhile the shooting started.

“She’s successful heavy sadness. She could not sleep. She conscionable can’t halt shaking. She can’t judge this benignant of happening would hap here,” Jawandha was quoted arsenic saying by the New York Times.

This is the worst Sikh massacre successful the US aft the Oak Creek Gurdwara wide shooting successful Wisconsin connected August 5, 2012, wherever 7 members of the assemblage were killed.

Although Sikhs began settling successful Indiana much than 50 years ago, the archetypal gurdwara was established successful 1999. In the past 2 decades, the Sikh colonisation astir Indianapolis has experienced important growth. Now determination are 10 gurdwaras crossed the authorities and an estimated 8,000 to 10,000 Sikh Americans who person made Indiana their home.

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