England cricket team willing to boycott social media to take stand against online abuse: Stuart Broad

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England's cricket squad would beryllium prepared to boycott societal media if the players wanted to instrumentality a basal against online abuse, Stuart Broad said.

England pacer Stuart Broad. (AP Photo)

England pacer Stuart Broad. (AP Photo)


  • Stuart Broad would enactment societal media boycott arsenic racist maltreatment continues online
  • Boycotting societal media truly a beardown message: England pacer Stuart Broad
  • Rangers, Swansea City are boycotting societal media for a week to reason online abuse

Veteran pacer Stuart Broad believes England’s cricket squad would beryllium consenting to articulation shot clubs’ boycotting of societal media successful bid to “make a stand” against online abuse.

England's shot clubs Swansea and Birmingham and Scottish champions, Rangers said past week they would boycott societal media for a week aft respective players from some teams were racially abused.

Notably, Broad's chap pacer Jofra Archer reported racially motivated attacks connected Instagram connected astatine slightest 2 occasions past twelvemonth and past Moeen Ali was named successful a highly arguable tweet by writer Taslima Nasreen.

"I deliberation it is decidedly worthy a conversation," Broad said.

"It's a truly beardown message. You don't privation a tiny number to ruin the opportunities you get done societal media but bash you request thing drastic to halt it oregon should determination beryllium much work with app creators and much liability?"

"There are large positives to societal media but if we person to suffer those positives for a play of clip to marque a basal past I’d beryllium good up for that,” Broad told PA Media portion taking portion successful NatWest’s Cricket Force GetSetWeekend, a virtual curtain-raiser for the grassroots game. "It beggars content that idiosyncratic could constitute immoderate messages to my teammates that they person to Jofra. If you said immoderate worldly radical accidental connected societal media connected the street, it wouldn’t extremity well, would it?

"If determination was enactment it would travel from the leaders successful our dressing country and if the squad felt similar a alteration needed to hap we’ve got immoderate truly large radical supra america successful the hierarchy, similar Ashley Giles and Tom Harrison, that would beryllium precise unfastened to what the team’s beliefs were."