Enemy Movie Review: Vishal ‌ ‘Enemy’ Movie Review

Vishal and Arya starring ‘Enemy’ was released today, November 4 (Thursday) as a Diwali gift. The film was released in Tamil as well as Telugu. Impress the audience? That is to be seen.

Vishal is the name given to action movies. All the films he has acted in recently are action-oriented and garnering a mixed response. Recently he once again came up with an action‌ movie. He made this film with another hero Arya. Anand Shankar, who was impressed with his films ‘Inkokkadu’ and ‘Nota’, directed the film. The film was released today, November 4 (Thursday) as a Diwali gift. The film was released in Tamil as well as Telugu. Impress the audience? That is to be seen.


Pari (Prakash Raj) is a retired CBI officer. He wants to make his son Rajiv (Arya) as well as his friend Surya (Vishal) police officers. But Surya’s father (Thambi Ramaiah) does not like it. But he takes his efforts seriously. Meanwhile, Pari dies. With this, Rajiv and Surya paths are separated. The two-part. See you again in a few years. Otherwise have to meet as enemies. How many turn their lives have taken in this gap. The rest of the story is why they became friends and became enemies, and how they relate to the character of Mamata Mohandas.

vishal arya enemy movie review


He has been making back-to-back action films like Thupparivalan, Villain, Irumbu Thirai, Action, and Chakra. Now Vishal has come up with an action movie once again with Enemy. There are speculations on the movie as Arya is another hero in it. But the enemy failed to live up to those expectations. Anand Shankar, who received a failure like Nota, was also impressed with the film and was not successful. Vishal, who has an action image in Tamil, seems to have written this story mainly with the image of Arya. Director Anand wanted to add action and emotions to hit success.

However, Anand Shankar was hesitant to direct the film with unnecessary action and unconnected emotions. The first flashback of the film showed that the film went so smoothly without any twists. The reasons for the enmity between Vishal and Aryans are not good. However, the director took the light, despite the possibility of making the scenes more gripping. How long does the bonding of the main characters last, mainly on harmony? This makes the scenes boring. Unnecessary scenes and fast-paced songs in Fastoff are embarrassing.

With no scope for a love story, Vishal’s opposite heroine Mrinalini is just being put on for glamor. On top of that, her entry is like a break to the movie floating. The rat-cat-like game between Vishal and Arya is boring. Intelligence-themed films have been the subject of a lot of recent releases, including Vishal making such films that make the scenes feel boring. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. Some of the existing action sequences are not good enough. The ending in the climax makes sense. This causes an unknown dissatisfaction to the audience who saw the movie.

Performance of the cast:

Name given to Vishal action movies. More recently he has been making similar films in a row. With this, he played the role of Surya. Provoked in his own style. Arya also impresses in the role of a contract killer. Showed his own acting style. Atu Vishal and Itu Arya lived up to their roles. Arya’s acting is impressive mainly in the emotional scenes that come in the second half. Among the heroines, Mamata Mohandas appeared on screen several days later. Anisha was impressed with her good performance in the role. She looked stylish and glamorous. Mrinalini Sendi is no longer an important character. Everyone else did justice to their roles.


None of the songs provided by Thaman are audible. However, the CS CS background score is very good. The cinematography provided by RD Rajasekhar is impressive. Each frame looked very rich. Editing needs to be more focused. It can be said that director Anand Shankar has finally screened a routine action movie. Scenes that lack logic can confuse the audience. The director has to focus more on the story’s emotions and the way the story is run.

In the end, it turned out to be a routine action entertainer.


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