Ekta Kapoor, Anita Hassanandani, other TV celebs stand by actor Pearl V Puri amid rape allegations

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New Delhi: After TV actor Pearl V Puri was arrested by Mumbai constabulary connected alleged rape charges against a insignificant girl, TV shaper Ekta Kapoor and Pearl's co-star Anita Hassanandani person dismissed it arsenic a mendacious charge.

They took to their Instagram handles to denote Pearl's innocence and stated that the allegations made against him were baseless. 

Ekta Kapoor penned a agelong enactment asking for justness for the actor. She wrote, "Will I enactment a kid molester…or a molester of immoderate kind? But what I witnessed from past nighttime to now, was the implicit debased successful quality depravity. How tin humanity spell to this level? How tin radical who are upset with each other, resistance a 3rd idiosyncratic into their ain fight? How tin a quality being instrumentality connected different quality being and bash this? After assorted calls with the child‘s/girl’s mother, who openly said that Pearl was not progressive and it’s her hubby trying to make stories to support her kid and beryllium that a moving parent connected a acceptable cannot instrumentality attraction of her kid. If this is existent past it is incorrect connected truthful galore levels!"

"Using an highly important question similar ‘Me Too’ frivolously, to get your ain agendas met with and mentally torturing a kid and making an guiltless idiosyncratic guilty. I person nary close to decide, the courts volition determine who is close & wrong. My sentiment lone comes from what the girl’s parent said to maine past nighttime & that is - Pearl is guiltless …and it is precise very bittersweet if radical are utilizing assorted tactics to beryllium moving mothers are incapable to instrumentality attraction of their children, due to the fact that determination are predators connected the set", she added.

She further wrote, "I person each the dependable notes and messages betwixt the child’s parent and maine which intelligibly points to the mendacious allegations being enactment connected Pearl. The movie manufacture is arsenic harmless oregon arsenic unsafe arsenic immoderate different business. To springiness it a atrocious sanction to get your docket sorted is the lowest signifier of debased ever. If by chance, Pearl is proved innocent, I petition radical to look much profoundly into however the important & overmuch needed movements successful today’s time, are being utilized unfairly reducing the gravitas of the situation. May justness prevail!"

Check retired her post: 

Many celebs specified arsenic Krystelle D'souza, Siddharth Malhotra, Aamir Ali, Urvashi Dholakia, and Vikaas Kalantri commented connected her station displaying enactment for Pearl. 

Krystelle D'souza had besides taken to her authoritative societal media grip to talk retired connected the issue. She wrote, " I cognize @pearlvpuri and helium is 1 of the nicest boys I’ve met successful our tv industry. A thorough gentleman. Please don’t leap to conclusions connected baseless allegations. Let’s hold for the information to travel out.

Actress Anita Hassanandani besides showed enactment for the histrion writing: Woke up to immoderate nonsensical quality bout @pearlvpuri, I cognize him! It is NOT existent ... canNOT beryllium true.... each lies. I’m definite determination is much to it. And the information volition beryllium retired soon. Love you @pearlvpuri #ISTANDWITHPEARL"

Here's her post

Actress Karishma Tanna besides stood beside the histrion and wrote connected her Instagram, " Satyamev Jayate. Truth wins and helium did win. #gotbail @pearlvpuri."

Following the #IstandwithPearl trend, histrion Ankit Mohan took to Instagram to say, "Please bash not leap to conclusions, it’s an highly delicate matter. Having worked with him, we cognize specified a bully quality that helium is. The information shall prevail."

Here's histrion Tanvi Thakkar's absorption to the rape allegations against Pearl V - "About the quality going connected that the antheral has been accused with the charges known to you , I would similar to accidental that they are baseless and wholly untrue. So earlier you justice oregon walk comments , delight hold for the facts due to the fact that judge you maine , determination are none."

The younger sister of Bollywood histrion Tanushree Dutta, Ishita Dutta besides came retired successful enactment for Pearl and said that she knows him well-enough to cognize he's not susceptible of specified a crime. She said, "This quality is precise very disturbing but I cognize him good capable to cognize that thing similar this Pearl is not susceptible of doing...I anticipation and commune this substance is resolved astatine the earliest."

For the unversed, a insignificant miss had filed a lawsuit against the histrion immoderate years backmost alleging that Pearl took intersexual favours from her connected the pretext of getting her enactment successful TV. 

As per a caller study published successful Times of India, Pearl V Puri had been taken into custody and was booked for raping a insignificant miss and nether the conception of The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, said Mira Bhayander Vasai Virar (MBVV) DCP, Zone 2, Sanjay Patil.