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Eid 2022: 42 slaughters to be built on Eid-ul-Azha

Eid 2022: 42 slaughters to be built on Eid-ul-Azha

July 10th 2022, 3:42 am
Amitesh Kumar

Bhopal, Eid-ul-Azha, the festival of Muslims is approaching. For the sacrifice of animals on the occasion of this festival, temporary slaughter houses will be set up at 42 places in the city. For this, the district administration has issued permission to make temporary animal slaughter from July 10 to 12. Municipal commissioner KVS Chaudhary Kolsani has instructed the employees to improve the cleanliness and other arrangements of these slaughter houses. At the same time, the citizens have been appealed to sacrifice the animals only in the marked temporary slaughter houses and throw the remains at the right place.

According to the permission given by the administration, the place of sacrifice will have to be covered firmly with a wall or tin shed from all sides. It will be necessary to arrange a tent during the sacrifice. There will be a ban on putting the video of the sacrifice on the internet media. After the sacrifice, the intestines of the animal will have to be buried by digging a pit. There will be a ban on throwing in the open. There will be no sacrifice after 4 pm. A committee of Muslim community will be constituted by the administration at the places of sacrifice, which will oversee the arrangements for the sacrifice.

On the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha from Sunday 10th July to Tuesday 12th July 2022, Masjid Madarul Muhamm Complex Ginnauri, Noormahal Payga Complex, Bada Maqbara Gangaur Wali Bawdi Qazi Camp Junkkhana, Mufti Sahib's Bagh Masjid Complex, Panchayati Masjid Complex Islampura, Masjid Pindaran Complex Ghoda Nakkas, TT Nagar, Jawahar Chowk, Bhadbhada Masjid Complex, Cemetery Bada Bagh, Gandhi Nagar Jama Masjid Complex, Complex Behind Pul Bogda Glue Factory, Bharat Talkies Sufia Masjid in Old Maslakh Complex Ahmedabad Palace Kohefiza Complex, Masjid Bibi Niaz Fatima Shahmiri Hari Mazar Complex Karod, Masjid Arif Nagar, Masjid Piplani Complex, Masjid Complex, Masjid Tarjumewali Complex, Abbas Nagar Gondarmau Big Masjid Tajul Complex, Masjid Nizamuddin Complex BHEL, Masjid Rais Ahmed Complex Hata Rustam Khan Garhi Wali Masjid Complex Khanugaon , Char Minara Masjid Complex Aishbagh, Bagh Farhat Afza Badi Masjid Complex, Masjid N Sector Govindpura Complex, Masjid Sikandar Jahan Complex Nakarkheda, Aamwali Masjid Complex Jahangirabad, Gausiya Masjid Sanjay Nagar Idgah, Lal Masjid The Complex Bagh Munsi Hussain Khan, Masjid Iqra Complex Gehukheda Kolar Road, Masjid Usman Gani Complex Moti Lal Nagar Bairasia Road, Jama Masjid Saqlaini Complex Mayur Vihar Ashoka Garden, Faiz Masjid Complex Airport Road, Imambada Iranian Complex Railway Station Platform No. 06, Jama Masjid Camp no. 12 Premises Bairagarh, Jama Masjid Bhanpur Complex, Masjid Shaheed Asif Shahmiri Roshanpura Complex, Masjid Ahle Hadith Complex Kategrais Market New Junkkhana, Shia Jama Masjid Ale Mohammadi Complex Housing Board Colony Karond, Ravi Shankar Nagar Opposite Habibganj Police Station Jama Masjid Complex, Choti Masjid, Mominpura The conditional permission has been given to build a temporary slaughter house in the premises of Jailbagh Road Jinsi, Mominan Garam Gadda Complex, Masjid Akhara, Masjid Ahmedpur Complex.