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Dr. Purohit will be the new CMHO: Still there was a lot of complaints on the basis of political influence

Dr. Purohit will be the new CMHO: Still there was a lot of complaints on the basis of political influence

August 4th 2022, 8:01 am
Amitesh Kumar

Dr. Balwant Manda, CMHO of Jodhpur, who was always in the news due to controversies, has finally farewell after three years. Not only did the complaints come up against Dr. Manda, who is considered close to Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, but he was handed a charge sheet six times in a three -year tenure. At the same time, there was a rebuke from the High Court twice. Despite this, he remained in his post. He has been transferred to the post of Medical Officer at Pavta Hospital. Dr. Manda, who held the highest post of the medical department in the district, will now report to the principal of the Medical College. Dr. Jitendra Purohit will be the new CMHO in his place. Joint Government Secretary of Medical and Health Department Group 2, Nimisha Gupta transferred 46 doctors on Wednesday. In which Jodhpur CMHO Dr. Manda was transferred and appointed to Pavta District Hospital by becoming a medical officer. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot retained the post despite Dr. Manda's ever increasing complaints. Dr. Manda remained in controversies since the time of his appointment. Before him, despite being senior to Dr. Sunil Kumar Bisht, working as CMHO, the department removed Dr. Manda and appointed Dr. Manda to the post of CMHO despite a few years of job. Dr. Manda was handed over 6 charge sheet from the department while holding the post of CMHO, but no action was taken. In such a situation, due to good political contact with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, his relative was also accused of not removing him from the post. At the same time, the court also reprimanded the case of not giving experience certificate of nurse grade 2 in the Medical and Health Department. On which he apologized unconditionally and immediately issued nursing experience certificates. The court also reprimanded the UTB nursing appointment case. The department is investigating the procurement of procurement from NHM budget after the complaint of procurement of NHM budget in three years in the medical and health department. Recently, when the committee headed by the joint director reached for investigation, CMHO Dr. Manda did not allow him to investigate. Whose written complaint was made by Joint Direct to the high officials of the medical department, then he took a charge sheet against Dr. Mandi, taking it seriously.