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Do you also keep fast on Thursday? Worship by this method to please Lord Vishnu

Do you also keep fast on Thursday? Worship by this method to please Lord Vishnu

August 4th 2022, 7:21 am
Amitesh Kumar

Wake up early in the morning on Thursday and take routine work and bath. After this, keep a statue or photo of Lord Shri Hari Vishnu under the house of worship or banana tree. Read the full news ...

Chandigarh-Thursday is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. If Lord Vishnu is worshiped with true heart on this day, then all the problems of life go away. If you are thinking of observing the fast of Lord Vishnu for the first time, then tell that there are some rules of the fast, which is necessary to follow.

it is believed that by fasting and listening to the story on Thursday, there is happiness and prosperity in the family. It is mentioned in the texts that if the rules are not followed on the day of fasting, then Lord Shri Hari Vishnu also gets angry. In such a situation, always keep these things in mind.

On Thursday, get up before Suryodaya and take a bath and wear clean clothes. After this, put a clean cloth at a post and place the statue of Lord Vishnu on it. Please tell that Vishnu loved yellow color more. Therefore, offer yellow flowers and yellow fruits in front of them. Worship Lord Vishnu and show them lamps. After this, do Aarti of Vishnu. Worshiping banana tree has special significance on Thursday, so worship banana tree.

Start this day…

If you are going to keep a fast on Thursday for the first time, then start the fast from Paush month. If there is Pushya Nakshatra on Thursday, then it is considered very good to start a fast on this day.

If you worship Lord Vishnu on Thursday, do not forget to consume bananas on that day.

It is believed that after worshiping Lord Vishnu on Thursday, donate jaggery, yellow cloth, gram dal and banana to the poor after offering it to God.

If you are fasting on Lord Vishnu on Thursday, then take yellow food on that day. It is said that Lord Vishnu is pleased with this. On this day, do not forget to consume black lentils and rice.

It is believed that on Thursday, nails and hair cutting the guru in the horoscope is weak. At the same time, it also causes money loss. Women are also forbidden to wash hair and clothes on this day.