District government election result in LIVEMP: In Bhopal at the last moment, the Congress leader's wife's wife was made by BJP; BJP 33 and Congress 8


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District government election result in LIVEMP: In Bhopal at the last moment, the Congress leader's wife's wife was made by BJP; BJP 33 and Congress 8
10:26 AM July 29, 2022

Elections of District Panchayat President are being held in Madhya Pradesh. Elections were not held here due to the case of newly elected Zilla Panchayat Sidhi being under consideration in the court. In Bhopal, BJP's Ramkunwar Gurjar became a big upset at the last moment in the election of District Panchayat President, District Panchayat President. Ramkunwar Gurjar, wife of Congress District Vice President Naurang Gurjar, has been made the District Panchayat President. The BJP nominated Ramkunwar Gurjar as a candidate. Earlier, Rashmi Avnish Bhargava was considered a strong contender for the District Panchayat President from the Congress. The BJP took Naurang Gurjar in his court and declared his wife a candidate. Previously joined the Sangh, Congress joined two days ago. BJP and Congress have come face to face in Digvijaybhopal in front of Minister Bhupendra's car in Bhopal. In the afternoon, Minister Bhupendra Singh took some members in his car. During this, former CM Digvijay Singh and former minister Suresh Pachauri came in front of his car. Then MLA Rameshwar Sharma went inside with members. Among them, Ramkunwar Gurjar, wife and zip member of Congress's Navrang Gurjar, was also with him. The elections have now become interesting due to the change of Gurjar. The Congress has removed Gurjar with immediate effect. The BJP has appointed Gurjar's wife as its president candidate. On the other hand, Congress has fielded Rashmi Bhargava. Read the full news ... Relatives of ministers and BJP leaders won some districts and relatives of BJP leaders and ministers were elected presidents. Umita Singh, daughter -in -law of former CM Uma Bharti, was elected Tikamgarh District President. Heera Singh Rajput became unopposed president in Sagar. Heera Singh is the elder brother of Minister Govind Singh Rajput. Jagannath Singh Raghuvanshi was elected as the Ashoknagar unopposed JP President. Jagannath is a former MLA. Balwant Patel was elected District President in Barwani. Balwant is the son of Minister Prem Singh Patel. Wish Sunil Singh became unopposed in Bhind. Wish is the daughter -in -law of BJP leader KP Singh. Congress Emperor Saraswat Balaghat was elected District Panchayat President. Emperor is the son of former Congress MLA Ashok Saraswat. Apart from Bhopal, everyone's eyes on these districts, Chhindwara of CM's home district, Kamal Nath, Digvijay Singh's Guna and Rajgarh, Rajgarh, Leader of Opposition in Bhind district Bhind Are restless. The members of Sehore were brought to the police of Khajuri police station in Bhopal. Complaints of the disappearance and kidnapping of members in many districts have also reached the police. BJP president in 29 of 51 districts fixed! Durga Vijay Patidar, daughter -in -law of MLA Radheshyam Patidar, was elected unopposed president. Collector Gautam Singh said that only one nomination was filed for the time period which was found correct, after which no nomination was filed. Disputes over entry in Ujjain, there was a dispute over entry in the District Panchayat President elections in Light Force Experiment. Police used mild force at the gate of Ujjain District Panchayat. Both party candidates were trying to take their people inside the gate. Then there was a situation of dispute. Here the BJP made Kamla Kunwar as the Congress, Hemlata Singh was made the candidate for the post of District Panchayat President. The Congress created a ruckus in the Gheera SP Officers, accusing the police of raising the Congress -backed District Panchayat members. On Thursday night, about 100 Congressmen including former Congress minister Ramnivas Rawat, MLA Rakesh Mavai, Ajab Singh Kushwaha, Ravindra Singh Tomar, Satish Sikarwar, senior Congress leader Ashok Singh reached the SP office and sat on the dharna. He accused Jaura, Bagchini and Kailaras police of kidnapping two of his Zilla Panchayat members and also raised slogans. Similarly, there was an uproar in Jabalpur and Sehore. Read the full news ... Read also ... BJP's Lalabai District Panchayat President in Ratlam: BJP's post in Ratlam, BJP captured, Lalabai 1 vote Jitijila Panchayat President became unopposed. 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