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"Dial 100", relying on the shock, how will criminals be caught?

"Dial 100", relying on the shock, how will criminals be caught?

August 4th 2022, 7:41 am
Amitesh Kumar

A picture has come from Tendukheda Tendukheda in Damoh Damoh district, seeing that everyone is questioning "Dial 100" Dial 100 vehicles, because the condition of "Dial 100" vehicles is destroyed here Is. Alam is that policemen are seen pushing to start these vehicles.

Mahendra Dubey/Damoh. In Madhya Pradesh, the "Dial 100" Dial-100 service of the police, which was launched with the aim of tightening crimes and providing help to the victims as soon as possible, is dependent on the service. The ground reality of this service is often revealed from most areas of the state, now a similar case has also come out from Damoh Damoh district of Madhya Pradesh Madhya Pradesh. Where the condition of "Dial 100" vehicles is very bad. On the day, people video photos of these shocking vehicles go viral on social media. Some similar pictures have also come from Tendukheda Tendukheda tehsil of Damoh district.

"Dial 100" not worth walking Actually, the dial 100 vehicle parked in Tendukheda police station is lying down, the policemen want to go to that place on the information of a crime, but when saw the car, it was not worth walking. Now if the officer took out the second vehicle, the car was not starting to start. Then what was the uniforms started pushing the car on the road, pushed the car for a long time but the car did not turn on. On the road, people kept pushing these policemen, there was a smile on the faces, so many people did not even avoid taking photos in their mobiles.

But this case has cleared one thing that the "dial 100" car of the police was not even worth driving. It is being told that this is the condition of these vehicles in the entire Damoh district and the policemen have to face similar problems.

maintenance not being done properly In fact, Madhya Pradesh Dial-100 service is operated by an agency, under which these trains are sent from Bhopal to the police stations of the state. Whose driver is also appointed from the agency, then it is also the responsibility of maintaining the vehicles. But how much their maintenance is happening is making all the statements in Damoh district.

It is not that the top police officers are unaware of all this, but if the SP DR Tenivar believes in "Dial-100" service, the interference of the police department is less and also in improving the situation. The officer is not capable, but he definitely says that they have been made aware of these conditions and they hope that the situation will improve soon.

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