Dhaneshwar Mahadev's first royal ride, gathered public


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Dhaneshwar Mahadev's first royal ride, gathered public
3:07 PM August 9, 2022

On the last Monday of the month of Shravan, for the first time, when thousands of devotees arrived in Dhaneshwar Mahadev town with a royal ride, the devotees received a eyelid and received them. For the first time such a big Shobha Yatra was seen in the history of Bhadesar, who bowed down with Shraddha. When I arrived in the presence of thousands of devotees, the devotees received Palak Pavade and received them. For the first time in the history of Bhadesar, such a big Shobha Yatra was seen. According to the information, in order to establish new dimensions of reverence and devotional program in this Shravan month, Shiva Bhakta Mandali of Dhaneshwar Mahadev, the young devotee of the region for the last long time to take out the royal ride of Lord Dhaneshwar Mahadev on the lines of Ujjain Mahakaleshwar. Had planned.

Mahaarti was organized at 11:30 AM on the last Monday of the month of Shravan. A collective Aarti of 51 lamps was performed in the Mahaarti which lasted an hour. Hundreds of devotees present in this aarti shouted with reverence. At the end of the Aarti, the tableau of fifty -six bhog of Lord Shiva was decorated. After 2:00 pm, the buggy of Lord Bholenath was decorated in Dhaneshwar Mahadev and the palanquin was prepared.

priest Shivgiri and his family members with the law and his family established the shadow of Lord Dhaneshwar Mahadev in the palanquin and this ride with drums drove and reached Amarpura village of the priest family. Devotees here left no stone unturned to receive the Lord, in which the palanquin journey in which the devotees were raising the palanquin and the shadow statue of Virajit Dhaneshwar Mahadev in the buggy, Kailash Giri of the priest family, Anil and Vikas Giri Chavar were walking on the statue of the priest family. .

Yatra reached the Bheruji bus stand of Bhadesar via Gangagudha, and hundreds of women and male devotees present here received a royal ride with cheers. A royal ride journey started on reaching Bheruji Chowk here. In this journey, women were walking with Mangal Kalash. At the same time, devotees were dancing on two groups of band and two groups of Mansuri Dhol. In this royal ride, devotees of Lord Shiva were walking dancing to play big damru. The horses, camels and tableaux, dressed in the royal ride, were the center of attraction. At the end of the ride, the Sudarshanacharya Ji Maharaj of the elder Gopal Satsang Ashram was enthroned. A large number of devotees were receiving blessings by touching their feet to get them. This royal ride Rawla Chowk reached Bheruji bus stand via the main market Jain location. From here again, Bheruji left for Dhaneshwar Mahadev via the bus stand.

historical journey For the first time in Bhadesar town, such a number of people attended the religious event, especially the enthusiasm of the youth was seen. Which has been seen as a symbol of the change of youth towards religion. However, in this procession, not only Bhadesar, people from nearby villages and far -flung villages also reached. One end of this was at the Bheruji bus stand and the other end was ahead of Rawla Chowk. Due to this, MLA Chandrabhan Singh also attended Rawla Chowk in the yatra.

A glimpse of nationality is in this royal ride, wearing a national flag of Bharat Mata on Ashoka, a young woman ride He was also shouting patriotism.

Bhadesar town gathered in welcome To welcome the royal ride, all the Sanatanadhri and Hindu society people themselves attended and left no stone unturned to welcome the devotees involved in the yatra. More than 100 reception gates were built in the entire Bhadesar town and 3 kilometers till Dhaneshwar Mahadev. Arrangements for breakfast for devotees in every street locality.

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