Cybersecurity start-up Darktrace plans to go public in London despite Deliveroo's IPO flop

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A Darktrace cybersecurity bundle objection shows however a planetary occupation tin commencement with conscionable 1 employee's enactment station.

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LONDON — British cybersecurity start-up said Monday that it plans to spell nationalist successful London, defying fears that Deliveroo's disappointing IPO could enactment disconnected different tech firms.

The London-based firm's level uses artificial quality exertion to observe and respond to cyber threats successful a business' IT systems. It says its self-learning AI tin show threats successful existent clip and travel up with ways to onslaught back.

Darktrace, founded successful 2013 by a radical of erstwhile quality experts and mathematicians, said it intends to interval astatine slightest 20% of issued stock superior successful an archetypal nationalist offering connected the London Stock Exchange's premium market. This would marque it eligible for inclusion successful benchmark indexes similar the FTSE 100.

"Our volition to database connected the London Stock Exchange marks a large milestone successful Darktrace's past of accelerated growth, and a historical time for the U.K.'s thriving exertion sector," said Poppy Gustafsson, Darktrace's CEO and co-founder.

"We are arrogant to beryllium portion of that contented of British innovation, arsenic the U.K. becomes a starring planetary centre for the improvement of AI."

Darktrace's IPO announcement comes contempt concerns implicit the lackluster marketplace debut of Deliveroo, the Amazon-backed nutrient transportation company. Deliveroo shares plunged arsenic overmuch arsenic 30% connected its archetypal time of trading, making it one of the worst London IPOs for a ample company.

Deliveroo's IPO flop besides threatened to embarrass U.K. officials, who threw their value down the institution arsenic it announced plans to spell nationalist successful the city. London is looking to unbend its listings requirements successful a bid to pull much high-growth tech companies.

But immoderate analysts said Deliveroo's woes whitethorn beryllium constricted to the company, which has been dogged by employment rights concerns, alternatively than a broader denotation of occupation for London tech listings. Deliveroo says it's "just starting beingness arsenic a nationalist company" and is "confident" successful its quality to present semipermanent returns for shareholders.

Darktrace reported gross of $199.1 cardinal for the twelvemonth ended June. 30, 2020, up 45% from $137 cardinal successful the aforesaid play a twelvemonth earlier. Losses totalled $28.7 million, though this was down from the $34.7 cardinal Darktrace mislaid successful its 2019 fiscal year.

Darktrace's biggest capitalist is Invoke Capital, the task money of U.K. entrepreneur Mike Lynch. Lynch presently faces the menace of potential extradition to the U.S. implicit fraud charges related to the merchantability of Autonomy — the bundle steadfast helium founded — to Hewlett-Packard successful 2011 for $11 billion. Lynch denies the accusations.

Gustafsson and Chief Strategy Officer Nicole Eagan some utilized to enactment astatine Autonomy. Darktrace shares the aforesaid bureau gathering arsenic Invoke successful London, but says that Lynch has nary nonstop engagement with the day-to-day moving of the company.

The firm, which was past valued astatine $1.65 cardinal successful its past backstage financing round, has tapped Jefferies, Berenberg, KKR Capital Markets to pb the IPO if it goes ahead, with Needham & Company and Piper Sandler acting arsenic associated bookrunners.