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CWG 2022: Did the Indian badminton team lose gold due to wrong selection?

CWG 2022: Did the Indian badminton team lose gold due to wrong selection?

August 4th 2022, 9:01 am
Amitesh Kumar

Aug 04, 2022 | 2:22 PM

Shirish Nadkarni

India was the champion in the badminton mixed team of the previous Commonwealth Games but on Tuesday night after losing 1-3 to top seeded Malaysia at Birmingham Arena on Tuesday night Only had to be satisfied with the silver medal. In the Badminton World Federation (BWF), thirteenth -ranked Kidambi Srikanth's defeat to twenty -nine -year -old NG Taje Yong, who ranked twenty -three -year -old NG Tajy Yong, further increased India's problem. The Indian doubles team looked quite weak compared to South-East Asian opponents. The end of the match which could have been a little longer, ended long ago.

Srikanth, who was the hero of the 2018 Commonwealth Games, who gave the famous Lee Chong in a single event, the position of Srikanth was very bad this time. He lost 19-21, 21-6, 15-21, he was also brought to the player who was brought like a substitute when World No. 5 Lee G Jia declared himself an independent player and from playing for his country refused. Even though he had won his tie against NG, it was not anticipated that he would be able to do very well because Malaysia's team was very strong in the doubles event.

It was like a shock that when three from Srikanth Lakshya Sen, who won the silver medal in 2021 in the world number 10 and Spain in Huelva, was up. Why did Srikanth be taken forward. The way Lakshya Sen played in the semi-finals against Loh Keen U of Singapore and defeated the world champion in straight games, there should not have been any hesitation in landing a 20-year target against NG.

The Indian team made another basic mistake by giving Tresa Jolly and Gayatri Gopichand a chance to play in the Women's doubles. Gave. Both of them kept playing with traditional thinking and never thought out of the box. It was prudent that the Trsa pair should have been made of either Indus or experienced Ashwini Ponnappa. It is true that Sindhu is not a player of doubles, but his presence would bring a different confidence in Tissa. Such couples must have been tried and before taking off in the Arena, the two should have been practiced together in the camp so that they can make a understanding between each other.

The struggle for the gold medal is fair Looking at it, it was clear that India started the tie from below 0-2 and was very less likely to win in women's single or mixed doubles. Malaysia was definitely ahead in women's doubles. Malaysia's Parli Tan and Thiniah Muralitharan (No. 11) and Chow Mei Kuan Le Meng Yen (No. 13) were among the top 15 of BWF. On the other hand, Ashwini Ponnappa and N Sikki Reddy's ranking from India was twenty -fourth in BWF. Sikki did not join the Doubles team, then in March this year, the young pair of semi -finalists Tissa Jolly and Gayatri Gopichand were left to face Pearl and Thiniya's challenge at the All England Championships. Also, Malaysia's team was much stronger than India. His Chan Peng Soon - Goh Liu Ying (No. 8) and Tan Kian Meng - Lai Pe Jing (No. 9) were included in the top 10. While the best Indian pair of Rankireddy and Ponnappa was ranked 27th.

India's strength was in two single badminton events. Everything came on the male doubles where Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty competed with Tokyo Olympic bronze medalist Aaron Chia and Soh Wui Yik. This proved to be the first match of the tie and had to overcome the bad records of 0-4 in front of Indians. Satvik and Chirag competed with the Malaysian team with an 18–15 lead in the initial game, but after this point everything went on deteriorating for India. Indian players lost the game after losing six consecutive points and in the second game he was not seen anywhere in the game. Chirag was playing very well but satvik looked sick, due to which he made innumerable mistakes while returning the shuttle. It became necessary to maintain. The 2019 World Champion finally did the same as he was expected, but during this time he forced the Indian team to sit with heart. Sindhu was ahead in the first game for most of the time, but the young Olympic Games champion Goh Jin Wei, fighting the bad situation of 12-18, took the point table to 20-19. But Sandhu won the first game with extra point and another point.