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Crorepati Clerk: Millionaire Clerk found in MP after Bengal, started jobs from 4 thousand rupees a month

Crorepati Clerk: Millionaire Clerk found in MP after Bengal, started jobs from 4 thousand rupees a month

August 4th 2022, 6:11 am
Amitesh Kumar

MP Crorepati Clerk: After the teacher recruitment scam in West Bengal, now a property and cash worth crores of rupees has been recovered in the house raid of a corrupt clerk in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. This clerk works in the medical education department of MP. The team of the branch raided a clerk of the Medical Education Department. What the team got during the raid was enough to surprise. Not one or two from the house, Rs 85 lakh cash was recovered. Apart from this, property papers worth Rs 4 crore have also been found in the investigation from the clerk's house. Outside the clerk's house, 3 four -wheelers and jewelery worth lakhs have also been recovered.

Eow's team reached the clerk's house

Let us tell you that this house of Hero Keswani posted in the medical education department. Eow's team suddenly reached the luxurious house in Bairagarh of corrupt Babu at 6 pm on Wednesday. When the corrupt clerk saw the team, the hands were swollen. The team entered the house and started to investigate one thing. Then what was it, bundles of notes started coming out one by one. When the bundles were counted, Rs 85 lakh cash was received in the house.

#watch | MP: Around Rs 80 Lakhs Cash, Property Documents & Gold-Silver Recovered from Residence of Hero Keswani, sr Clerk of Medical Education Dept in Bhopal. Economic offenses wing conducted a raid at his residenc. He was hospitalized after his health deteriorated when raid began

- Ani mp/CG/Rajasthan (@ani_mp_cg_rj) August 3, 2022

Property paper of crores came out of the house

Not only this, the team also found documents of 4 crore property from clerk Hero Keswani's house. These included luxurious houses, plots and land documents in Bairagarh. Along with this, jewelery worth millions was also found. The house of Bairagarh alone is said to be one and a half crores. During the investigation, the team also came to know that Hero Keswani had bought most of the property in his wife's name.

Bathroom clinner drank due to fear

After the assets worth crores were revealed in this raid, the corrupt clerk was so nervous that he drank the bathroom clinner. In a hurry, Hero Keswani was immediately admitted to Hamidia Hospital for treatment. He is currently undergoing treatment.

Job started from 4 thousand rupees salary

Hero Keswani's level of corruption was such that when he started his job, he used to earn only four thousand rupees. Today, his salary has reached about 50 thousand rupees. Despite this, Hero Keswani is the owner of crores of property.

Clerk suspended

After the scam of crores, the Medical Education Department has suspended Clerk Hero Keswani. Hero Keswani was attached to Sagar Medical College. The Directorate of Medical Education has also started investigation in this matter. The Directorate of Medical Education has started a departmental inquiry against clerk Hero Keswani.

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