Criminals target Covid relief program that pays $9,000 in victims' funeral costs

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Dana Neely | Stone | Getty Images

Criminals are targeting a caller national programme that pays up to $9,000 successful ceremonial costs for a loved 1 who died of Covid-19, the Federal Trade Commission said Tuesday.

The Covid-19 Funeral Assistance program, overseen by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, opened to applicants connected Monday. Individuals person had occupation getting done owed to precocious volume, officials said.

Fraudsters are contacting radical and impersonating authorities agents, offering to registry them for assistance, according to the FTC.

"FEMA has not sent immoderate specified notifications and we bash not interaction radical earlier they registry for assistance," according to a fraud alert connected the FEMA's website.

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About 563,000 radical successful the U.S. person died from Covid-19, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Criminals whitethorn inquire for outgo to entree the fiscal help, according to the FTC.

They whitethorn besides petition delicate idiosyncratic oregon fiscal accusation similar Social Security, slope relationship oregon recognition paper numbers of would-be victims oregon a deceased relative.

The authorities programme is meant for individuals who incurred ceremonial costs for a loved 1 who died aft Jan. 20, 2020 from Covid-19.

The programme was funded by 2 anterior rounds of national Covid relief, a $900 cardinal measurement successful December and past month's $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan.

Eligible expenses include, among different things: caskets oregon urns, burial plots, headstones, officiant services, and cremation oregon internment costs. Individuals tin get up to $9,000 per ceremonial and a maximum of $35,500 per exertion per state.

There's nary income bounds to use for the funds. Documentation, specified arsenic a decease certificate and receipts, is required.

The programme has been plagued by method issues owed to archetypal precocious telephone volume, according to FEMA. Individuals indispensable use by phone.

"The telephone halfway has received thousands of calls this morning, which is causing immoderate method issues," the bureau said Monday.

"We inquire that applicants beryllium diligent arsenic we enactment to close these issues and person each their important documents acceptable erstwhile they call," it added.

There isn't presently a deadline to apply.