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Court verdict: One year sentence for murderous attack in eight -year -old case

Court verdict: One year sentence for murderous attack in eight -year -old case

July 22nd 2022, 2:51 pm
Amitesh Kumar
The Bari ADJ Court today sentenced a dacoit involved in an attack in an attack, pronounced a rigorous imprisonment for one year, while giving a verdict in a case of attacks of 8 -year -old Saramathura police station area. Accused Fonsu Gurjar son Jasoda is a resident of Garhi Bajna of Bayana. Who along with his other colleagues attacked the laborer Brajkishore's son Narayan Singh working in the mining area of ​​Saramathura on 12 May 2014. Lok prosecutor Manoj Singh Parihar said that on May 12, 2014, Dhondnd Kahar Pura village of Saramathura police station area Brajkishore son Narayan Singh Gurjar, a laborer working on Khan, was attacked by crook Baiju alias Baijnath Gurjar, Fosu Gurjar, Banwari Gurjar and Ugrasen Gurjar and work on the spot with bad sticks of Brijkishore with sticks and sticks. The tractor was damaged. Ram Gopal alias Munna, brother of Brijkishore son Narayan Singh Gurjar, had given a complaint to the Saramathura police station. On which the police had accused the miscreant Baiju alias Baijnath Gurjar, Fausu Gurjar, Banwari Gurjar and Agrasen Gurjar as accused in the case. Whose case is under consideration in ADJ Court Bari. Baiju alias Baijnath Gurjar, Banwari Gurjar and Ugrasen Gurjar have been punished in the case in the case. The remaining accused in the case, Fosu Gurjar resident police station Garhi Bajna sentenced to one year rigorous imprisonment by ADJ Neeraj Kumar. Copyright © 2022-23 DB corp ltd., All rights reservedthis website follows the dnpa code of eTHICS.