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Conspiracy for big terrorist attack in Delhi before August 15, security agencies on high alert

Conspiracy for big terrorist attack in Delhi before August 15, security agencies on high alert

August 4th 2022, 5:18 am
Amitesh Kumar

Terrorist Attack Alert: Alert for a big terrorist attack has been issued in the first country on August 15, in which the country with the help of air-glaider, para-maotors, hang glider, UAV and UAS Can try to shake.

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New Delhi: The country's security agencies have received a big intelligence alert before August 15, according to which terrorists can target many sensitive places. During this time, terrorists will adopt a policy of multi -attack. According to the information of the agencies, you can use bombs, guns as well as sticky bombs in the car and truck.

these weapons can be used Explosive bombing and fire bombing (eg Molotov cocktail) can use one or both for the terrorist attack. Along with this, they can also use parcel bombs. There can be panic among people and use guns, pistols, revolvers, rifles and automatic weapons and RPG in massacre.

terrorists are practicing in Pok Security agencies have been asked to be cautious in view of different types of potential threats on Independence Day as well as other days. It has revealed the use of technology to launching pads and infiltration of terrorists. According to intelligence alert, terrorists are trying to shake India through drones, for which they are practicing a target of drone in Pok. Terrorists are trying to carry out a major crime using a soft IED that dodge the metal detector. According to information received from agency sources, on different international borders of the country, they are working to deliver their sleepers cells through drones.

Avoid touching unclaimed things The alert issued by the security agencies advises to avoid touching any unclaimed thing, as well as if the bomb is found, then take more care in defusing it.

Air flying equipment can be attacked Intelligence alerts, para-glider, para-motor, Hang Glider, UAV, UAS, Microlyte Aircraft, Remote-powered Aircraft, Hot Air Balloon, Small Size Battery Battery Aircraft, Quadopters and Para Jumping flight ban Has been said You can take help for terrorist attack.

These places may attack A batch of terrorists can infiltrate the country with a launching pad named Kotil (KOTIL) in PoK, while in PoK with a launching pad named Datote (DATOTE) in PoK. The third is to reach Delhi and the fifth Northstians to Delhi and the surrounding states.

increased security Security has been increased at all places in Delhi amid the possibility of terrorist attack. Intensive investigation has been started at railway and metro stations, along with Section 144 has been implemented in the city.

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