Conducting Tokyo Olympics will send a strong message that we have moved beyond Covid-19: IOA chief Batra

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IOA President Narinder Batra said that conducting the Olympic Games successful Tokyo volition nonstop retired a beardown connection that the satellite is moving beyond the catastrophic concern amid the coronavirus crisis. The Tokyo Olympics, which was scheduled to beryllium held past year, was postponed due to the fact that of the pandemic.

"Life has to determination connected and conducting the Olympics volition springiness a beardown connection that we person moved beyond the COVID-19 pandemic," Batra told PTI successful an interview.

"Opposition to the Games volition ever beryllium determination but it is present up to the organizing committee of Japan and IOC to decide.

"But arsenic acold arsenic Indian athletes are acrophobic we are taking each indispensable precautions and person been preparing to the champion of our abilities to enactment up our best-ever show successful the Olympics," the IOA main added.

Batra's remark has travel aft critics from Japan connected Friday submitted a petition, calling for the Games to beryllium cancelled arsenic the big federation fights the 4th question of coronavirus infections.

The IOA main besides assured that the question prohibition imposed connected India by Japan wouldn't impact the country's information successful the Games.

Japan connected Thursday suspended the introduction of overseas nationals from 153 nations, including India successful the aftermath of the caller surge successful COVID cases crossed the globe.

"This is simply a impermanent question prohibition which has been issued by galore countries but erstwhile it comes to Olympics, determination are antithetic protocols successful spot which a subordinate federation has adhere to," Batra said.

"I guarantee each the accredited Olympics-bound Indian athletes that they volition look nary occupation successful entering Japan. There are capable guarantees being ensured by the Organising committee and IOC," helium said.

"There volition beryllium nary restrictions for them."

The IOA main further said that India has been pursuing each protocols, including timely vaccination of each Tokyo-bound athletes and officials.

"We person been pursuing each COVID protocols of the Organising Committee and IOC arsenic per arsenic vaccination of our athletes are concerned.

"We person besides been successful treatment with the authorities astir the harmless question of our athletes to Japan. We are besides exploring the enactment of one-way chartered formation for our contingent to Japan for the Games truthful that they don't person to travel successful interaction with different persons," Batra said.

"These things volition beryllium finalised successful owed people erstwhile the last database comes retired by June end. But remainder assured we astatine IOA and the authorities volition permission nary chromatic unturned for our athletes' information successful the Tokyo Olympics."