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Common people on target of women detectives after military: mobiles in Pakistan in the name of milk and liquor sellers

Common people on target of women detectives after military: mobiles in Pakistan in the name of milk and liquor sellers

Pakistan has created an army to achieve sensitive information of the Indian Army at any cost. Girls are the largest part of this honeytrapy army. Their target has been on the army till now, but now there is a change in the pattern of this army of poisonous.

There are now civilians or common citizens on their target. This was revealed recently when the Rajasthan State Intelligence team detained four people in three districts for espionage of ISI.

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It is being told that late on Sunday night, the team Pali, Jaisalmer , Dabish together in Jodhpur. Among them, Kuldeep Singh Shekhawat of Jaisinghpura area of ​​Jaipur caught Jaitaran (Pali) liquor contract. Kuldeep was a salesman there. He had maintained an ID on social media, describing himself as a military.

At the same time, suspected Ratan Singh Rajput caught from Jaisalmer is a driver in Solar Company in Pohra village. The third suspect has also detained Mahendra Singh Rajput, a resident of Shergarh in Jodhpur. The SI team has also detailed Majid Khan, a resident of Bhaniana village in Pokaran, Jaisalmer, sells milk. The female agent is stuck in the honeytrap. The mobile SIM released in his name is being used by women agents spying into the module of PIO i.e. Pakistan Intelligence Operation.

some people are implicated in the honeytrap under the guise of these questions in front of agencies. Intelligence agencies are interrogating suspected spies that they were running the ID on the social media platform seeking confidential information of the army or the ID was running from Pakistan? Why wanted to gather secret information related to the army? Did anyone pressurize to do so? How and when did they contact the agent of the Pakistani intelligence agency? What information these people have sent to Pakistani agent so far.

When caught in Bengal, the number of Pali's youth came out that the Indian Army's Eastern Command's Eastern Command's MI i.e. Military Intelligence unit a few months ago During an investigation by a military in a frontier in West Bengal, a suspicious ID was found on Facebook in the name of a young woman. The girl was seeking confidential information related to the army in chatting on social media.

She was an ISI agent in Pakistan, who tried to trap in Honeytrap of the army of West Bengal and giving a mobile number Money was also demanded. The Eastern Command of the Army, while making the correct marshal of the army, in the investigation Mi Kaye. He is a resident of Suraj Nagar in Jaisinghpura area of ​​Jaipur.

Like Kuldeep, Majid Khan of Jaisalmer, Ratan Singh Rajput and Mobile Number released in the name of Mahendra Singh Rajput, resident of Shergarh in Jodhpur, also used Pakistani women agents. Has been These fodder people are stranded in the honeytrap of the Pakistani women agent.

Facebook became the biggest platform for the biggest platform, Facebook is becoming the biggest platform. In these cases, people have been implicated by the use of this platform. Sources said that Kuldeep Singh Shekhawat has been a salesman on contract for three-four years in Chavadia, Kalu and Banjakudi.

four months ago he sent a friend request of the girl on Facebook, who immediately accepted. The woman uploaded many photos in the Indian Army dress on Facebook. She started calling Messenger.

The young woman was actually a Pakistani agent, who needed India's mobile number, which she used to implicate army personnel in the honeytrap. After getting a new SIM from Kuldeep's ID, he got OTP and started using WhatsApp from that number. At the same time, the investigation has found the social media ID of Pakistani agent. Aaye

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August 9th 2022, 8:35 am
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