Coinbase CEO says regulation is one of the biggest threats to crypto

1 month ago 19

Regulation is 1 of the biggest risks erstwhile it comes to the cryptocurrency business, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong told CNBC.

"It's close up determination with cybersecurity," Armstrong said successful an interrogation with Andrew Ross Sorkin that aired Wednesday morning. "And particularly present that Coinbase is simply a nationalist company, we're gonna progressively beryllium having scrutiny astir what we're doing and radical privation to recognize the implications of it."

"And so, we're precise blessed to engage, conscionable arsenic we person been implicit the past 10, you know, 9 years truly since the commencement of the company, with everybody successful D.C. and truly lawmakers, argumentation folks astir the world, due to the fact that of people Coinbase is successful galore antithetic countries now, astir however we tin astir thoughtfully physique this manufacture and this company," helium added.

Coinbase is acceptable to go the archetypal large crypto institution to spell nationalist successful the U.S. aft it hits the markets done a nonstop listing aboriginal successful the day. The Nasdaq gave the institution a reference terms of $250 per share up of the nonstop listing, which would worth the cryptocurrency speech astatine astir $65.3 cardinal connected a afloat diluted basis.

"We're precise excited and blessed to play by the rules. And basically, we conscionable inquire that, hey, we privation to beryllium treated connected those level playing tract with accepted fiscal services astatine the precise slightest and not person immoderate benignant of punishment for being successful the crypto space," Armstrong said.

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