CM Gehlot's appeal to tribal society- give one opportunity to the Ganges of development in the area


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CM Gehlot's appeal to tribal society- give one opportunity to the Ganges of development in the area
2:37 PM August 9, 2022

Banswara: State Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot was on a one -day visit to Banswara district today. Gehlot participated in many programs and laid the foundation stone of several schemes. At the same time, addressed a huge public meeting organized on World Tribal Day.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot laid the foundation stone of the bridge to be built at a cost of 45 crores in Sagdungari. During this, PCC President Govind Singh Dotasara, Congress state in -charge Ajay Maken and other leaders were also included. Chief Minister Gehlot while addressing the public told that we are shedding the Ganges of development in the Vagad region and whenever we live in power, we do development work in Vagad region.

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The state government did a lot for tribal society

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, wearing tribal veneer, while addressing the gathering said that my dear tribal brothers and sisters who came in millions are World Tribal Day today and we are proud. Congratulations to all of you on World Tribal Day. Sometimes we think what we have achieved in our life and what we have done for tribal society. Our government has continuously shed the Ganges of development in this region. I am glad that I have done a lot of work here. I have also developed a lot in Mangad Dham. Tribal society has supported a lot in independence and in Mewar, there was a tribal society with Maharana Pratap. Mewar is also named in the history of tribal society. We constantly try how to develop tribal society,

Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi also visited the tribal area who became Prime Minister and the development of tribal society was his first thinking. We opened many colleges in 3 years in this session, many colleges were approved and opened in Banswara as well. Due to which the students here are getting better education. Here, open medical colleges, open agricultural colleges, open Ved Vidyapeeth, opened Govind Guru University, which is getting full benefit to the children here.

CM surrounds the central government on inflation

Gehlot also attacked the central government, Gehlot said that inflation in the country is constantly increasing, due to which the general public is upset and unhappy. The central government did not give jobs but did not give jobs, but we have given three lakh jobs in Rajasthan in 3 years. We are developing in every field, have opened English schools for children, have implemented old pension for employees. When he was sitting with the PM in the day after tomorrow, other Chief Ministers complained to the PM and said that Gehlot has implemented the old pension scheme, due to which our condition has worsened. We are continuously working for the Vagad region and the people of the state. We will do every development work for our people and farmers. We have kept 900 crores separately for this. We want you to give us another chance, you repeat us, we will develop so much, will give new direction to this area. The pen is in our hands, our pen is for the Dalit, backward, poor.

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We will run pen for their interests. Our government stands with you, service is our religion and service is our karma. The way you have come in such numbers, it will encourage us. At the same time, in the next budget, we will announce for Mangad Dham. And I appeal to you on 28th, in Delhi, we are taking out a rally against the central government for inflation and unemployment. You came in large numbers from here and support us. On this occasion, a large number of Congress officials including Minister Arjun Singh Bamania, District Head Resham Malaviya, Kushalgarh MLA Ramila Khadia were present.

PCC Chief said many schemes were launched in Vagad area Addressing the gathering

Govind Singh Dotasara said that the Gehlot government has always developed the Vagad area and will continue to do it, here we started many schemes in the field of education so that the children here fulfilled Getting benefits. Rajasthan Congress in -charge Ajay Maken said that the Congress government does all possible development for tribal society and will still continue to do. The Gehlot government started many schemes for the region. Due to which tribal society developed. At the same time, the Gehlot government and the Congress government will continue to do development work here continuously.

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