Chinese electric carmaker Xpeng Motors is looking into making its own autonomous driving chips

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GUANGZHOU, China — Chinese electrical carmaker Xpeng Motors is looking into making its ain semiconductors for autonomous driving to enactment up of the competition, a apical enforcement astatine the institution told CNBC.

The comments travel aft exertion quality website 36Kr reported that Xpeng had assembled a tiny squad to make semiconductors.

Xinzhou Wu, vice president successful complaint of autonomous driving astatine Xpeng, said the institution is looking into assorted technologies, including autonomous driving chips.

"Well, I cannot accidental excessively overmuch astir that ... the contention successful China marketplace is fierce … truthful we are looking astatine each options. What are the champion ways to support our vantage successful the competition? So truthful acold we are doing precise good successful software," Wu told CNBC connected Wednesday.

"But moving guardant we are looking astatine each imaginable options: however to support america … winning this competition,"

When asked if that includes exploring in-house chipsets arsenic well, Wu said: "That's 1 of the directions, yes."

Wu did not springiness further details.

Xpeng launched a caller electrical sedan called the P5 connected Wednesday. The conveyance is equipped with Lidar oregon or Light Detection and Ranging technology, which uses lasers to representation the car's surroundings.

This is captious to alteration immoderate of the P5's autonomous driving features that are built in.

Currently, the P5 uses chips from Nvidia for autonomous driving and Qualcomm for its in-car integer cockpit.

Xpeng Motors launches the P5 sedan astatine an lawsuit successful Guangzhou, China connected April 14, 2021. The P5 is Xpeng's 3rd accumulation exemplary and features alleged Lidar technology.

Arjun Kharpal | CNBC

Designing its ain semiconductors could springiness Xpeng much power implicit the integration betwixt its hardware and software.

The institution has been focusing connected processing exertion in-house arsenic a mode to differentiate from rivals successful China's crowded electrical conveyance market. Not lone is Xpeng competing with accepted automakers and start-ups, but an expanding fig of exertion companies specified arsenic Baidu and Xiaomi person besides jumped into the fray.

Wu claimed the P5's hardware and bundle and "usability of the wide features is overmuch much advanced" than its competitors — and that would springiness the institution an "edge."

Chinese exertion companies person been putting an expanding absorption connected processing their ain semiconductors. Baidu past period raised wealth for its spot business and Xiaomi unveiled a caller chipset for the camera connected its latest flagship smartphone.