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China-Taiwan Tension: Asia on the volcano of war, China shows strength to Taiwan, Azerbaijan-Armenia clashed

China-Taiwan Tension: Asia on the volcano of war, China shows strength to Taiwan, Azerbaijan-Armenia clashed

August 4th 2022, 7:01 am
Amitesh Kumar

China-Taiwan Tension: The continent of Asia remains a battleground at this time. China and Taiwan are standing at the mouth of war till the war between Russia and Ukraine did not end. Apart from this, war-like situations are also being created between Azerbaijan and Arminia. And there is a fierce war between Ukraine, while now the dispute between China and Taiwan seems to be increasing. There is still an atmosphere of tension between both countries. Now the war between Azerbaijan and Arminia seems to be beginning. Azerbaijan has attacked the area of ​​Nagarno-Karabakh. 3 soldiers have died in the attack. Now it is to see what else happens in the future in Asia.

China will jump into the battlefield with thinking

According to experts, China will jump very thoughtfully to the battlefield. Because, this war will prove fatal not only for Taiwan but also for it. This is because China's strength is its money. The money that it earns from European countries including America through imports. In such a situation, if China attacked Taiwan, then the superpower America can suppress this weak vein.

China's statement has emerged after Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan. China has said that if anyone is responsible for the situation born after Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, then it is America. This means that the sourness between America and China due to Taiwan is increasing. In such a situation, the question is that if China and Taiwan clash with each other, then what stand will America take. Will America enter the battlefield against China?

27 Chinese fighter aircraft entered the air border of Taiwan The Navy and Air Force of China have started 6 places in the South China Sea even before Nancy Pelosi departed from Taiwan. The Navy of China is said to be less than 15 miles of Taiwan from the place where the live fire is drilling in the north-east and south-west of Taiwan. Furious with the visit of Pelosi, China has also deployed its fighter jets and warships in many places in Taiwan. China's 27 fighter aircraft have entered the air border of Taiwan. This exercise of China is even bigger than the 1996 Taiwan crisis. The Chinese government media has even threatened that the exercise that runs till August 7 may move forward and it may also be that the Chinese army may attack Taiwan's military bases.

Controversy increased between Azerbaijan and Armenia Azerbaijan's army conducted a military operation against Armenia in the past. The Armenian Defense Ministry also issued an official statement, admitted that two Armenian soldiers have died in this military operation of Azerbaijan, while 14 other soldiers were injured. The root of the dispute between Azerbaijan-Armenia is the mountainous area of ​​Nagorno-Karbakh. Azerbaijan describes this area as his share. However, it is occupied by Armenia since 1994. The two countries have so far fought two battles to capture the disputed area. The area of ​​Armenia, which Azerbaijan has attacked, has two thousand peace soldiers deployed in that area.

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