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Chhindwara's happiness topped: 99 percent marks scored in CBSC 12 exam, achieved success without coaching

Chhindwara's happiness topped: 99 percent marks scored in CBSC 12 exam, achieved success without coaching

July 22nd 2022, 11:27 am
Amitesh Kumar
Khushi Kukreja, who studied at Chhindwara Saint Shri Asaram Ji Gurukul Senior Secondary School, has topped the CBSC Board Exam 12, earning 99% marks in 12th. Actually Khushi Kukreja was a commerce student in class 12th. Who has scored 99% marks in the recently concluded examination and has made a place among the top students across the country. As soon as the result was released, the student jumped with joy, she has credited her success to her parents and gurus. Khushi Kukreja, a student of class XII of Saint Shri Asaram Gurukul, told that I did not have a place of happiness as he heard the result. Khushi told that I used to study 5 to 6 hours daily for my self -study instead of tuition and coaching. For my success, I will give Gurudev Asaram Bapu to school teachers and parents and grandfather. What to do next has not been decided yet. Khushi told the youth to do self -study. There is a good bad thing in social media. Students gathered good things and good information from it. Khushi's grandfather's Bajju Kukreja says I was proud to hear the result of the granddaughter. Mother Palak Kukreja says that my dreams have been completed by my daughter. I also wanted to study, wanted to do something, but could not do it for some reason but today my daughter has fulfilled my unfinished dream. Saint Asaram Gurukul management made Mrs. Khattar and the school management sweetened Khushi. There is a grain merchant who has a shop in Gandhi Ganj. He told that his daughter has illuminated the name of Chhindwara across the country. This is the result of her true dedication, she was quite promising in studies since childhood. Vijay Kukreja runs a shop in the grain merchant Gandhi Ganj. Out of 500, 495 marks were obtained that in the result of CBSE, Khushi Kukreja has scored 495 out of 500 marks in the twelfth commerce subject. Therefore, he has got a place in the top students of India in CBSE Board. After the release of the results, all the gurus have congratulated him, there is an atmosphere of happiness in his house. Copyright © 2022-23 DB corp ltd., All rights reservedthis website following follows the DNPA CODE of Ethics.