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Change of Venus, changes of Venus, can bring trouble in the love and life of these five zodiac signs

Change of Venus, changes of Venus, can bring trouble in the love and life of these five zodiac signs

August 4th 2022, 5:51 am
Amitesh Kumar

Venus Transit: Venus is considered a factor of love and material pleasures. By the way, Venus is considered a beneficial planet, but when Venus changes the zodiac sign, then trouble may increase for the person whose horoscope Venus is weak.

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< P> Venus Transit: Venus will enter Cancer sign at 05:20 in the morning on August 7 and will be in the same amount till 31 August. After this, Venus will transit in Leo sign. Change of Venus is going to affect your economic and love life.

Aries The love life of the natives of Aries can change a bit. You can be more emotional. Small things can get upset. There will be some trouble in relationships with Lovemev. There is a need to take care of health.

Virgo There will be trouble for the business class of Virgo. Do not take any risk in case of money. If you are making up your mind to invest money, then be careful. Do not be negligent even in the case of health.

Libra The family life of the people of Libra zodiac can be a little struggle. Do not ignore the advice of your elders. Also try to organize any auspicious work in the house during this time. There will be challenges for the job profession and business people. Per negligence of health may be heavy.

Sagittarius You may have to face strict competition. During this period, do not borrow money from anyone or else your difficulty may increase. Not only this, in some cases you may also have a problem of loss of money. Do the transaction very carefully. Students will also have to face obstacles.

Aquarius You have to work hard to get success in life. Also, your expenses can also increase at this time. Control unnecessary expenses. Relationships with spouse may face some problems.

(Disclaimer- The information given in the article is based on recognition and tradition, which Zee Media does not confirm, seek the advice of a specialist for more information) Benefit Yoga for Cancer, Do not take Taurus Risk

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