CBSE 12th Toppers in MPSE Cax Story: Someone left social media and some leaves their favorite game, then success was found


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At 11:27 AM July 22, 2022

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) released the 12th result on Friday. Madhya Pradesh could not make a place in the top 10. Dainik Bhaskar learned his success story from the toppers students of the state. If a student distanced distance from social media, then distance from someone from his favorite game. Success was achieved by setting the goal of every day. Read the success story of some such toppers students ... Bhopal: Siddharth Menon set a target daily. He told that after class and coaching, he had fixed for 6 hours of self study daily. It used to study from homework to self -study. Used to set the goal of every day. Made a complete distance from social media. This saved time. Could concentrate on the study. Mother-father and teacher gave guidance all the time. This helped to understand the subject easily. Bhopal: Sambhav Sharma, Sambhav Sharma, Sambhav Sharma of Sambhav Sharma said that I used to study for 8 hours a day. Did not coaching. Read NCERT books well. Not only this, social media and favorite sports football also made a distance of one year. Along with this, NEET was also started preparing. It also benefited greatly in 12th studies. The course of both remains the same. A month after birth, the father's head woke up. The mother paid the father's duty with being a mother. When Bhind came, he enrolled in Vidyavati school. Mother used to encourage everyday. Something good is to do. My mother's interest in my studies awakened. When the tenth was passed with good marks, the school considered me a promising student. Started encouraging scholarships. In the Korona period, the school was given a laptop and mobile gift, due to which the school was closed and could continue studying online. Has achieved 99%. Yash told that he did normal studies from the beginning, but did a full focus on studies. Teachers in the school helped in the preparation. Along with this, preparations made by making notes. This makes preparation well. Apart from this, learned the right way to write answer sheet in the exam. For this, studied the answer sheet of toppers. On the basis of which I removed the shortcomings. Prepare to write the answer correctly. He studied for 6 to 7 hours daily throughout the year. Made away from social media as well. Prepare with hard work and dedication. The average result of Madhya Pradesh across the National Average was 90.74%. The average result of the country was 92.71%. The result of Madhya Pradesh was number 11, which was less than the national average. Kerala was ranked first with 98.83 % in the top. After about two years, students came to school and took the exam. Out of more than 14 lakh students from across the country, 92.74% children passed. According to the information so far, Rishant Sharma PCM of IES Public School Bhopal, Bhopal, got 97.4% and Atrei Bhatia secured 97% marks. Both scored 100 out of 100 in maths. CBSE has also declared the 10th result. The decline in the Top State The results in this year 12th were 14 lakh 44 thousand 341 students. Of these, 14 lakh 35 thousand 366 children appeared in the examination. 13 lakh 30 thousand 662 students passed. The percentage of passing was 92.71. Last year, 99.37% of the children passed. The exam pattern changes in 2021 due to the second wave of Corona, CBSE had to cancel the 10th and 12th examinations. According to CBSE, a special scheme has been prepared for the 2022 board examination due to the possibility of the third wave of Corona. Under this, class 10 and 12 are divided into two terms. Exams were taken at the end of both the terms. The syllabus remained different in this. The board term-1 exam was taken at the end of the patternF, the exam-1 exam. It took place in November-December 2021. Case based MCQ and Reasoning Type MCQ were also asked. The test of each paper was 90 minutes. In this, questions came from the syllabus of Term-1. 50 of syllabus; The part was the pattern-2 or year and exam of the Term-2 exam was also organized by CBSE. Questions were asked from the remaining 50% syllabus. This exam was taken between May. Different types of questions will be asked in this. MCQ, Short Answer Type and Long Answer. Copyright © 2022-23 DB corp ltd., All rights reservedthis website follows the dnpa code of ethics.

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