Came back gaining eight kilos after Tuscany trip with Saif: Kareena Kapoor Khan

3 weeks ago 15

Mumbai: Kareena Kapoor Khan says she gained 8 kilos aft her caller vacation successful Tuscany with her husband, histrion Saif Ali Khan, due to the fact that each she did was ticker the cook marque pizzas day!

"We went for a vacation to Tuscany and we had each these astonishing ceramic oven pizzas and I came backmost gaining 8 kilos due to the fact that each I did was ticker that cook marque pizza's time successful and time out. It was similar an art, making a pizza is casual but starting from scratch and really doing it the mode they bash is an art," Kareena said.

Kareena besides spoke astir being wellness conscious.

"I deliberation astir of the times actors person been precise steadfast with what they eat. This procreation specially is highly conscious of their food, nary gluten, nary sugar, oregon everyone is connected immoderate benignant of packed meal. Back erstwhile Karishma was inactive successful the movies, radical were not arsenic conscious of food, but today's procreation is ever funny successful knowing what's successful their meal, from brackish to the quantity of oil," Kareena said.

The histrion added that she was shocked with the magnitude of lipid that goes into making pesto condiment that she made successful the show.

"So, I deliberation everyone is conscious including maine due to the fact that it's successful my household to enactment connected value easily, truthful I person to beryllium other careful," she said, connected the Discovery+ amusement "Star Vs Food", wherever she was seen making stuffed burrata and pesto pizza.