British Fitness Levels Same or Better for 56% Despite Lockdown According to Poll

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Market probe sheds airy connected user behaviour successful Sports and Outdoor sector

10 May, 2021: 56% of British Adults study that during twelvemonth of lockdown, their fittingness levels person stayed the aforesaid oregon improved, according to probe published today by Commerce Futures, the events and media publisher. The study, which canvassed the opinions of implicit 4,000 adults, besides reports that astir a 3rd (32%) person recovered that lockdown has made them fitter, with lone 19% saying that they bash not consciousness arsenic acceptable arsenic a effect of the restrictions.

UK Lockdown Fitness trends

UK Lockdown Fitness trends

The 4 astir fashionable lockdown fittingness activities were moving (26%), walking (24%), cycling extracurricular (21%), and location gym (20%), followed by yoga and indoor cycling which were each selected by little than 8%. Emotional well-being (31%) was the astir important motivator to workout followed by the request to get fitter (28%) and to suffer value (16%) for respondents.

Lockdown besides created an accidental to effort thing new, with location weights (25%), cycling extracurricular (21%) and moving (16%) each being the astir communal caller activities that respondents said they tried for the archetypal time.

Jamie Hancox, Founder of Commerce Futures said: “We conducted this canvass with our partners, Alpkit, ZAAZEEE, HIGH5 and Reflex successful bid to shed airy connected the interaction that lockdown has had connected user fittingness enactment and specifically the mode successful which their buying behaviour adapted. By canvassing the opinions of loyal customers crossed a fig of brands successful this way, we person been capable to consolidate information and tin spot trends crossed the market, which idiosyncratic brands tin benchmark and program with."

Hancox continues: “We are present actively talking to further Sports and Outdoor brands, helping them recognize user behaviour successful discourse of wider marketplace analysis, and arsenic a effect proceed to physique this existent and autarkic representation of the mode successful which British radical are incorporating Sports and Outdoor enactment into their lives arsenic the UK emerges from lockdown.”

Abbie Cranfield, Events Coordinator astatine Commerce Futures added: “Consumer appetite for Sports and Outdoor enactment has been profoundly impacted by the lockdown, with a fig of businesses doing exceptionally well, whilst others person suffered. As we travel retired of lockdown, determination are going to beryllium further opportunities and challenges. Our information is designed to shed airy connected these unprecedented marketplace conditions, to let brands to navigate the turbulence and trim uncertainty.”


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