Bohag Bihu, Ugadi, Cheti Chand, Navreh: How India celebrates New Year

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New Delhi: The period of April marks the opening of New Year for galore Indian communities arsenic radical statesman celebrations for Ugadi, Cheti Chand, Navreh and Bohag Bihu.

Although they each observe the accomplishment of a New Year, each festival is celebrated successful its unsocial benignant with distinctive traditions. Have a look astatine however Indians invited the New Year successful their ain peculiar way:

Gudi Padwa oregon Ugadi: This joyous festival volition beryllium celebrated contiguous (April 13) arsenic radical successful Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh invited the New Year by placing a Gudi and extracurricular their doorway oregon window. 

The juncture is usually observed connected the archetypal time of the period of Chaitra and successful Konkani communities, it is celebrated arsenic Samwatsara. On the different hand, successful Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, it is known arsenic Ugadi.

People observe this auspicious time by decorating their doorsteps with Rangoli and a toran made of mango leaves. Prayers and flowers are offered to the Gudi aft placing it connected the model oregon door. Following this, radical execute the aarti and enactment Akshat connected the Gudi.

Cheti Chand: This festival, besides celebrated contiguous (April 13), is commonly known arsenic the Sindhi New Year and is chiefly celebrated by Sindhi Hindus successful India and Pakistan. The festival coincides with the 2nd time of the Chaitra Shukla Paksha successful the Hindu calendar. And since connected this day, the satellite archetypal appears aft a nary satellite day, it is called Cheti Chand. This time is besides known arsenic Jhulelal Jayanti, dedicated to a deity who is regarded arsenic the incarnation of the Hindu deity Varuna.

Navreh: This New Years festival, coinciding with Cheti Chand, Ugadi and Bohag Bihu, is chiefly celebrated successful Jammu and Kashmir arsenic Nevreh oregon Kashmiri New Year. The sanction of the festival is derived from the Sanskrit connection 'Nava-Varsha' meaning New Year and truthful radical greet each different with a 'Navreh Mubarak'(Happy New year) connected this day.

Kashmiris bask this juncture by preparing a sheet afloat of unhusked atom with bread, a tiny vessel of yoghurt, salt, sweetener candy, a fewer walnuts oregon almonds, a metallic coin oregon a Rs 10 note, a pen, a mirror, immoderate flowers (rose, marigold, crocus, oregon jasmine) and the caller panchanga
or almanac.

The sheet is prepared during the nighttime itself arsenic the archetypal happening successful the greeting is to look astatine it, and past commencement your day.

Bohag Bihu: Marking the opening of the Assamese New Year, Bohag Bihu begins connected Wednesday (April 14) and ends connected Tuesday (April 20). It is chiefly celebrated successful the northeastern State of Assam implicit a play of 7 days oregon pinnacle phases - 'Sot', 'Raati', 'Goru', 'Manuh', 'Kutum', 'Mela' and 'Sera'.

The archetypal signifier is performed astir an past histrion oregon an unfastened tract lit and for the past phase, radical extremity the celebrations by contemplating their aboriginal goals and plans. Families besides speech an Assamese saccharine called Pitha to stock their celebratory joy.

We privation our readers a precise blessed Gudi Padwa, Cheti Chand, Navreh and Bohang Bihu!