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Bodies of two youths found in Shivnath river: Police engaged in identifying the first

Bodies of two youths found in Shivnath river: Police engaged in identifying the first

August 4th 2022, 5:38 am
Amitesh Kumar

Two youths were found dead on Thursday morning in Shivnath river of Durg. The first corpse has been identified as Rishabh Singhal (26 years), a resident of Rajnandgaon. Police has also received a suicide letter from Rishabh, which is clear that he has committed suicide. At the same time, the police is questioning the people to identify the other youth. Durg CSP Abhishek Jha said that Rishabh Singhal was a resident of Vardhman Nagar in Rajnandgaon. The family members said that on Wednesday evening, he came out of the bike, saying that he would go to the gym. When he did not return home by night, the family was worried. When he made a call in his mobile, he told him closed. After this, the family complained to the police. When the police took out the mobile location, he told the fort. When the police reached the bridge of Shivnath river near Baghera in Durg, Rishabh's bike slippers and clothes were found. When a call was made on his mobile, he did not felt. The SDRF team was then called. The SDRF team recovered from the two body river after several hours of discovery. In which one is yet to be identified. This body is also said to be of a 25-30 year old man.

Rishabh has found a suicide letter from Rishabh's clothes, the cause of suicide in a suicide letter. In it, he wrote to his parents, asking for a pomp, "I can't forgive me. I can't live anymore like this. For so many days, you lived alive after seeing your face, but I can not live anymore like this." So I am going to commit suicide. "

Since the accident, Rishabhrishbh was badly injured in a road accident four years ago. He also stayed in a coma for several days. After this, he was cured, but his body could not be healthy as before. He also used to go to the gym for his entire body recovery. But due to lack of this, he was mentally in depression. The father is a crusher businessman, Ashok Singhal, a crusher businessman by profession. He has a crusher plant named Ashok Singhal in Dhelkadih. He was seen by Ashok Singhal and his son Rishabh together. The family started feeling that now Rishabh is recovering and is also recovering mentally. He did not know that his son would take such a big step.