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BJP was making a dent with the help of RCP!: Operation Lotus was also on while running the government with Nitish Kumar

BJP was making a dent with the help of RCP!: Operation Lotus was also on while running the government with Nitish Kumar

There has been a earthquake once again in the politics of Bihar. This time its architects are former Union Minister and former National President of JDU RCP Singh. Due to this one leader, there is upheaval in the entire politics of Bihar.

Nitish and Lalu government is being decided once again in Bihar. In such a situation, the question arises that by 2025, where did the BJP miss the NDA government under the leadership of Nitish Kumar to run the NDA government? Why is Nitish Kumar hitting once again? We will tell you this whole story layer here.

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Lalan Singh's press conference increased BJP's heartbeat

This entire screenplay of change of power started JDU National President Lalan Singh He held a press conference on Sunday, he said that a conspiracy was being hatched against JDU. When the time comes, we will tell which conspiracy was going on inside the party. He said that another conspiracy was going on against JDU like Chirag Paswan. Wait a little, look at the trailer now, the whole picture is still left ...

now know the Chirag Model-1 Manjhi's Ham was in the fray together. Chirag Paswan was alone in the electoral fray. Chirag fielded his candidates there, where JDU fielded candidates. JDU is said to have suffered the most due to lamp. As a result, JDU became the third party in Bihar. In the election, LJP was also called BJP's BB team. Most of LJP candidates were BJP who returned to the party after the election.

Now understand the full story of Chirag Model-2 Was working Senior journalist Arun Kumar, who knows the politics of Bihar closely, says that with the help of RCP Singh, the BBJP was preparing to make a dent within the party. The election was not yet held. In such a situation, there was a choice saving in the party. Its responsibility was on RCP Singh's shoulder.

The distance between BJP and Nitish increased due to these three reasons Senior journalist Arun Kumar says that this time Nitish Kumar is constantly uncomfortable with BJP after sitting on CM's chair. This has been seen in his displeasure from time to time. Whether it is the nozzle in the House with the Speaker or opposition to the central policies. , Meanwhile, in the meeting of the National Executive held in Patna, this statement of the national president of ‌BJP JP Nadda increased Nitish's displeasure that the existence of regional parties from the country will end. Only BJP

2 will be saved. Repeated coalition statement also spoiled the talk

JDU's high level leader said that suddenly the leaders of ‌BJP started to chant 2024 and 2025 elections. A message was constantly given by the party that Nitish Kumar would be the face of the alliance only by 2025. After this NDA's face will change. A message was also given from the inner house that now BJP's face will be in the government. The matter has also deteriorated due to this in the alliance.

3. The demand of the cabinet also spoiled the game

The stake in the Union Cabinet remained in the throat of this coalition from the beginning. First 4 ministerial posts were sought from JDU. Finally, they remained adamant on the demand for two. But Narendra Modi had made it clear that he would give a seat to all colleagues. First Nitish's JDU refused to join the government. RCP Singh later joined the cabinet. He was also accused of many allegations.

It was also told the reason for the distances of Nitish and RCP. According to JDU sources, after the vacancy of RCP Singh, it was again consulted. JDU decided not to join the cabinet. Now there is a preparation to change the entire equation in Bihar.


August 9th 2022, 3:05 am
Amitesh Kumar
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