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BJP broke into Gehlot's fort: 2 MLAs of Congress camp in presidential election cross voting

BJP broke into Gehlot's fort: 2 MLAs of Congress camp in presidential election cross voting

July 22nd 2022, 4:28 am
Amitesh Kumar
The BJP has managed to make a dent in the fort of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot in the presidential election. Two MLAs of the Congress camp have voted for NDA candidate Draupadi Murmu while cross voting. The names of the MLAs have not been revealed yet, but an independent and an ally MLA is being doubted. MLA Shobharani Kushwaha, who was taken out of BJP due to voting for the Congress candidate in the assembly elections, voted for UPA candidate Yashwant Sinha. Have given. The BJP took the votes of two MLAs this time from the Congress camp in exchange for Shobharani Kushwaha. Draupadi Murmu, who won the President's election, got the votes of 75 MLAs from Rajasthan. Sinha got 123 votes. Congress MLA Bhanwarlal Sharma and BTP MLA Rajkumar Rot did not vote. Out of 200 200, 198 MLAs voted. After evacuating Shaho Bharani, BJP and RLP had 73 votes, 75 BJP had a total of 71 MLAs, but due to cross voting in Rajya Sabha elections, Dholpur MLA Shobharani was expelled by BJP from the party. Gave. After removing Shobharani, BJP has 70 MLAs, Hanuman Beniwal's party RLP has 3 MLAs. Accordingly, the BJP camp had a total of 73 votes, but Murmu got the votes of 75 MLAs. It is clear, they got two votes from the MLAs of the Congress camp. According to the Sinasi Mathematics, Sinha should have got 125 votes, according to the mathematics of 123 Congress camp, UPA candidate Yashwant Sinha should get 125 votes, but only 123 were received. This means two MLAs have voted for Draupadi Murmu in place of Sinha while cross voting. Congress has 108 MLAs of their own. 13 independent MLAs, one RLD MLA in the government, two CPMs and two BTP MLAs are also in the Congress camp. This number of Congress camp is 126, this number becomes 127, including Shobharani Kushwaha, who was extracted from BJP. If Congress MLA Bhavanlal Sharma and BTP MLA Rajkumar Rot did not vote, then a total of 125 votes were made from this camp. Secret voting in the Presidential elections, so who did not find out cross voting, secret voting takes place in the President's elections, who voted for whom, who voted, It remains confidential. Because of this, no one can know which MLA did cross voting. The state -wise MLAs and MPs found in the result that it is known that there has been cross voting. At the same time, the leader of the party's polling agent in the Rajya Sabha elections has to show votes, so it is immediately known about the cross -voting MLA. Despite getting less votes, Murmu won the vote value from Rajasthan despite getting less votes, the votes of MPs were won by MPs Value is high, Draupadi Murmu got less votes from Yashwant Sinha from Vajharajsthan, despite the votes of MPs are more than Rajasthan, they have been ahead of Rajasthan. A MLA's vote value 129 and a MP's vote value is 700. . Draupadi Murmu has got votes of a total of 29 MPs including 75 MLAs and 25 Lok Sabha, 4 Rajya Sabha MPs. The vote value of 75 MLAs is 9675 and the vote value of 29 MPs is 20300. The value of votes from Rajasthan, including Murmu, is 29,975. UPA candidate Yashwant Sinha got votes from 123 MLAs and 6 Rajya Sabha MPs. The value of the votes of the MLAs received by Sinha is 15867 and the value of votes of 6 MPs is 4200, including both the vote value is 20067, which is 9675 less than Murmu. Despite the Khinchtan, Gehlot did not let the number game be much disturbed inside the Congress camp Despite the continuous tussle, the number game has not had any significant impact. Political experts believe that there is some dent due to cross -cross -cross -cross -cross -game, but the number game has not been disturbed. The BJP claimed a big dent in the Congress camp through tribal cards, but they did not get the votes of that MLAs. The cross voting of two MLAs is not as big, but it can definitely make a negative. Copyright © 2022-23 DB corp ltd., All rights reservedthis website follows the dnpa code of ethics.