Bitcoin conference attendees report testing positive for Covid after returning from Miami

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Some of the 12,000 attendees who flew into Miami past play for the biggest bitcoin lawsuit successful past person started investigating affirmative for Covid.

Bitcoin 2021 drew crypto enthusiasts from astir the satellite to the Mana Wynwood normal halfway successful Miami's arts and amusement district. For 3 days, league goers packed into crowded auditoriums, glad-handed and hugged. It was the archetypal large league since the pandemic started, and galore attendees said they were relieved to beryllium retired among colleagues trading quality and updates.

There was nary disguise mandate and nary impervious of vaccination request to attend. Covid was lone a talking constituent successful the discourse of however thrilled everyone was to person arrived astatine the different broadside of the pandemic.

That is, of course, until immoderate league participants took to Twitter to accidental they had tested affirmative for the coronavirus.

In the tone of afloat disclosure, I attended the amusement aft receiving 2 doses of the Moderna vaccine this spring. A vaccination isn't a 100% warrant of immunity, but astatine the moment, I'm not presenting immoderate symptoms. Many of my conversations with Uber and Lyft drivers started with a communal treatment of having been vaccinated.

Whether the league is yet billed arsenic a ace spreader lawsuit remains to beryllium seen.

It is unclear however galore radical person been affected and whether the metropolis of Miami had a contingency program successful spot for this benignant of outcome. The mayor's bureau and league organizers did not instantly respond to CNBC's petition for comment.

On Tuesday, Florida said it volition nary longer study regular Covid cases and fatalities arsenic vaccinations emergence and it begins shifting to the "next phase" of the pandemic. Florida reported an mean of 8 caller cases per 100,000 residents implicit the past week, according to information compiled by Johns Hopkins University, acold beneath its pandemic precocious of 84 per 100,000.