Bihar Political Crisis: Why Nitish Kumar gets the title of 'Palatu Ram' in politics? The legends also eat


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Bihar Political Crisis: Why Nitish Kumar gets the title of 'Palatu Ram' in politics? The legends also eat
11:57 AM August 9, 2022

Bihar Political Crisis Latest Update: BJP and JDU alliance in Bihar have broken. Nitish Kumar is once again seen in his old style. Nitish Kumar, who is at the top among the leaders who specializes in gaining power, are now preparing to form a government with RJD. In this sequence, he surprised everyone and also submitted his resignation to the Governor. After alliance with RJD, Tejashwi is almost certain to get the post of Home Department and Deputy CM. It is worth noting that Nitish is not doing this for the first time. In the last 10 years, he has surprised 7 times with the art of changing his party. Political Pandit has even given Nitish the title of 'Palatu Ram'.

Tejashwi always kept killing

In the changing political equation in Bihar, it is important to remember that Tejashwi Yadav had made a scathing attack on Nitish Kumar after losing power in the last term and losing the assembly elections in 2020. 'Palatu Ram' was one of his repeated pinch on Nitish Kumar.

No one could distinguish Nitish's political model

JDU has been ruling Bihar since 2005 and Nitish Kumar has become the longest Chief Minister to rule the power of Bihar. In more than 15 years of his rule, he has changed his fame twice with the Grand Alliance from the NDA camp and then with the NDA. Both times JDU was a small party in terms of number, but it was successful in taking up the upper hand under the rule.

Nitish made a chance to taunt RJD

Nitish Kumar has changed twice in the last 9 years of rule over Bihar, formed coalition governments with extremely opposite colleagues. His political skills and management kept the alliance alive easily. This inspired his rivals especially RJD leaders to taunt 'Palatu Ram'.

There was a possibility of breaking alliances

There were speculations about the earthquake in Bihar politics for the last few days. RJD was sending condolences to JDU and Nitish finally decided to divorce the BJP by aligning with the former ally. However, analysts and political pundits are not surprised as they estimated such a step. It was also feared because the BJP and the JDU were uncomfortable and in crisis since the formation of the government.

BJP out of Bihar's power

Nitish Kumar refused to support the BJP after Narendra Modi became the PM face before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. He then said that his party would stand for secular votes and secular state. Before the 2015 assembly elections, Nitish joined hands with RJD and Congress and other small parties led by staunch rival Lalu Yadav to form a grand alliance or grand alliance. This alliance won 178 seats, which led to the BJP out of power.

Why Nitish came out of the grand alliance?

relations between JDU and RJD deteriorated after a CBI raid at Lalu's residence in the IRCTC scam in 2017. In which Lalu's son Tejashwi Yadav was also declared accused of getting benefits from land transfer. When Nitish tried to take a moral high base by asking him to clarify the issue, RJD saw it as a means of embarrassing the party. Nitish decided to get out of the Grand Alliance and joined hands with the NDA. He remained the Chief Minister while BJP leader Sushil Modi became his deputy.

RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav called it Nitish's betrayal. Not only this, he blamed Nitish for the disintegration of the Grand Alliance. The RJD chief accused him of being a 'opportunistic' politician and also named him 'Palatu Ram'. Lalu's son Tejashwi always used 'Palatu Ram' to attack Nitish in election rallies.

Nitish was always angry in NDA?

After his return to NDA, everything was going well in the beginning. However, cracks emerged under the leadership of the alliance for the 2020 assembly elections. As the BJP did not want Nitish to go with all the credit, internal discord started and also appeared in the election results because the NDA alliance could be barely victorious. Even after the formation of the government, their relations were full of risks. Because they had differences on population control, caste census, demand for special category status for Bihar and many other issues.

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